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Are you a mom or a mommy freelance writer? Do you want to share your life stories on our mom blog  (GlobalMomsMagazine.Com)? We want to let you know that it’s a Popular Mothers’ Magazine blog that is created to help Parents and Women. We help them to live a better life by sharing tips and tricks on their daily lifestyle and by solving their problems.

If you have anything in mind to share with us, please sign up here to create a contributor account, then start posting your stories. If you can follow our below content rules, then we could approve your submitted post within 3-5 business days.


Once After Creating The account, Mail Us your “User-Name/Email id” with the subject: Please Approve My Contributor Account, so that, we can approve Your account manually. (This is important to prevent spam on our GMM)

To publish your stories on our GMM, you will be needed to follow our content submission guidelines. Anything apart from the guidelines, we cannot approve your piece to get published on our site.

1. Article topic that we accept:

Feel happy to write anything informative about Parenting, Family, Kid, Baby, Pregnancy, wedding, women’s health, and lifestyle etc.

a) Length of the title:

The length of the article title should not be more than 60 characters including space

2.  Content:

a) Length of the content.

Article length should be (800-2000) words, Unique by Copyscape.com  100% original (no spin content), grammatical errors free, and written in fluent American or British English.

b) No advertising or self-promotion in the article.

c) Subheadings and other formats.

Breaking up your content into paragraphs with necessary subheadlines, and consistent formatting.

The article must have an introduction and closing up with a Conclusion. ( Put Your main keyword into the introduction)

d) Length of the paragraphs.

Each paragraph should not have more than 100-120 words. Split the large paragraph into multiple short paragraphs to make it reader-friendly.

e) Keywords allowed in an article.

Don’t keyword stuffing. Keep the article natural. Make sure the article is written for humans, but not for search engines. 1 keyword in every 200 words is allowed.

f) Please link to all sources, studies, research that you mention in your post.

Some of the reputable sources are The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, CNN FORBES, WikiHow, THE GUARDIAN

3. Anchor text policy:

a) Buying or selling keywords are not allowed near the anchor text.

b) Location-based anchor texts are not allowed.

d) Don’t ask the readers to visit a specific link or website.

4. Media Policy:

Add necessary images/YouTube videos in the post to make your story more attractive to the readers. We prefer to use royalty-free images in each post. Some of the best royalty-free image websites are pixabay.com, pexels.com, stocksnap.io, unsplash.com, freepik.com. When you add an image, please mention its source link.

5. Meta description

Tell in a brief, what about the article is, and don’t forget to put your focusing keyword in it. Meta description length should be within (140-153) characters including space.


If you are good enough to reach our content submission guidelines, then why are you doing late to send your piece to our Contact Manager to this email: contact2emilyrose(at)gmail.com?

Note: GlobalMomsMagazine.Com reserves all the rights of editing content, links, or deleting any post at any time since our blog is more important than your guest post. We must follow Google’s terms and conditions.

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