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During the pregnancy period, can we do sex?

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Hey Community,
Recently, I've conceived a baby. My husband stays at home always since he is a freelancer (work from home). So, it's natural having sex. Now, I'm a little worried since we are interested in having sex yet. I want to know, "can we do Sex in this pregnancy period?"


Have a nice day:)

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Yes, You can. We are a newly married couple. After having sex for 3 months, I'd conceived then I started reading many blogs about if we can do sex or not during this pregnancy period. Finally, I went to a doctor. She didn't encourage us to do sex during this period, but we didn't stop doing sex during this period. We'd continued having sex till giving birth to my baby since there was no scientifical proof that having sex could hamper our baby. Finally, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

What things to remember while having sex during pregnancy period?

If you couple cannot pass this period without having sex then keep remembering the below things.

1. While having sex, be aware that your husband is not placing his body on your belly and he should be placed his knees on the bed and push his penis very slowly.

2. Never do rough sex. Make sure you are doing a comfortable sex without any pain.

3. Make sure you're having sex without any bleeding.



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