What Song Is The Yodeling Kid Singing?

What song i the yodeling kid singing

In March 2018, we were able to see how a Yodeling boy at Walmart taking the Internet by storm. If you have seen that video, you must be wondering “what song is the yodeling kid singing?” Let me clarify the doubt for you. In fact, I will let you know about the Yodeling kid song name, which you can go ahead and teach to your kid.

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The name of this boy was Mason Ramsey (born November 16, 2006). He is an American singer. The specific song that was sung by the Yodeling kid was titled as “Lovesick Blues”. Hank Williams is the original author of the song. A video circulated on the internet, which portrayed how the kid has been singing it in a Walmart aisle. The talent of the kid as well as the catchy tune of the song contributed a lot towards its popularity. Hence, it didn’t take a long time for the video to go viral. We were able to see many sharing the video on their social media profiles. You can even find many people who cried after watching this video. It is possible to find many different covers of the same song being uploaded to the internet, especially due to the popularity that it gained.

If you are searching for kids songs to sing and teach to your kid, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at this. Your child will also fall in love with the catchiness of this song. You will also love to hear this song and sing it along with your kids.

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