10 Winter Skin Care Tips for Little Ones

Baby skincare

Winter is coming just around the corner, and it brings all sorts of challenges for both newborns and parents. The next time you’ve got your little one lying on their baby changing pad, ensure that their skin receives the moisture and attention it needs. The winter can be a brutal time for skin, and so we’ve come up with 10 of the best winter skin care tips that you can follow.

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1. Get the right lotion

One of the best winter skin care home remedies is to use coconut oil or moisturizer. If you can’t get this, research online to find the best baby lotion. We would recommend brands that contain almond milk because this can have a nourishing effect on the skin.

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2. Getting rich moisturizing cream

The moisturizing cream is good to apply throughout the day on your baby’s skin. Make sure you purchase a good quality variety that includes vitamin E, omega-3, and which is not greasy. You can apply this feel for times a day, especially if there is a lot of cold wind around that your children are exposed to. Apply on the hands, face, and anywhere else that is bare.

3. Protecting from dry air

One of the best natural skin care remedies is to protect your children from dry air simply. The winter is a time where humidity decreases, and this can affect your little one’s health. If you can protect your child from dry conditions, this will decrease the chance of cracking.

4. Taking care of the skin

You should always take care of your child’s skin by making sure that you don’t apply too much soap. When using soap, make sure that it is thoroughly washed off so that it doesn’t dry out the skin and cause some irritation. It’s a good idea not to let baths exceed five minutes because this can cause it to over hydrate, leading to much more fragile skin and an increased likelihood of injury.

While bathing your little ones be sure that kid’s soap contains only natural and organic ingredients. Natural oils and fats will help you to clean the baby’s skin gently while keeping skin oil levels and balancing the microbiome. Chemical-free organic goat milk soaps are perfect alternatives for drugstore chemical soaps and are one of the best choices not only for adults but for kids as well.

5. Nourishment with some massage oil

The gentle skin of a newborn requires special attention. Choose a special baby massage oil. One which is parabens-free is a great idea because it has extra nourishing properties.

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6. Taking a bath

When it comes to skin care for kids, the skin is very fragile, and then so you should always dab rather than vigorously rubbing in the bath. Rubbing can result in damage to any superficial layers of the skin. It’s also a good idea to finish your bath quickly.

7. Keeping your child warm

When you’re inside the home, make sure that your baby is warm at all times. They should be well covered up in socks, mittens, and any other form of appropriate clothing. Exposure to cold air and wind can cause a cough, cold, or pneumonia.

8. Making sure skin is moist

Keeping the things hydrated is key, so make sure you apply moisturizer within half a minute of completing bath time. Moisturizers that contain olive oil or coconut oil are the best. These are the most effective in nourishing the skin.

9. Apply lip balm

You may find your small children flinching at first; however, applying lip balm is essential. This product will prevent the skin on lips from cracking and drying up. It’s an absolute must! You can apply this regularly throughout the day, especially after eating when children are commonly licking their lips. Saliva is a problem and causes the breakdown of skin, so don’t forget to apply after any meal times.

10. Limit household irritants

Inside your home, it is a great idea to limit the number of household irritants. A lot of cleaning products may cause damage to children’s skin. It’s a great idea to purchase natural varieties, especially when the air is cold outside, and the chances of skin breaking are much higher.

Your child will be safe with our skin care advice

Now that you’ve read our article, you’ll know how to take care of skin in winter. Remember that children are fragile little beings, and so one of their major organs needs care and attention just like any other. We hope you’ve found our ten tips useful.

In your opinion, what are the best skin care products for kids? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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