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The term e-learning could be stated as “electronic learning” i.e., utilizing proper electronic technology tools and techniques to deliver a valuable lesson. In simple words, e-learning could comprise of the internet and computer. E-learning could also be mentioned as virtual knowledge, computer-based learning, network education, and web-based learning. There are different types of e-learning – CD ROMS, Audio & visuals, web-based learning, mixed learning, completely online and self-study. By the emergence of e-learning, the teaching method became easier. And moreover, students get practical knowledge and exposure. Through electronic learning, students can learn anytime and anywhere without any restrictions. Some outstanding benefits of e-learning are listed in this article:





One of the important benefits of e-learning is the availability of a mentor. In a traditional way of the education system, mentors could be available only during class hours. Talking to a mentor after class is quite challenging. And moreover, some mentors strictly follow only office hours. Sometimes, students may also find difficult to clarify queries. To avoid these problems, e-learning benefits both students and teachers. Through e-learning, students can clarify their doubts instantly through an online instructor.



When compared to traditional learning using chalkboard, e-learning is cost-efficient. The students could learn anywhere and anytime. Through e-learning, the student can cut down the physical instructor fee and accommodation. Moreover, when students learn from their own place, they can cut down on their travel expenses.



In the traditional way of teaching, schools always focus on printed learning. By using printed learning, students do not get updated information and they lack in trending knowledge and happenings. Through E-learning, students get up to date information and current news. It contains the current version with all upgraded information.



Traditional learning offers only limited content to the students. Moreover only during school hours, students could get information from mentors. E-learning provides diversified content with deep knowledge. Moreover, it is not necessary that students should always learn only certain subjects and concepts. He/she can able to learn different concepts that are not in the part of academics. And moreover, if the student wishes, he/she can able to learn academic subjects with deep knowledge.



One important benefit of using e-learning is, it grabs the attention of students. Through tradition learning system, many students lack their attention and focus during class hours. The reason is, they get only theoretical knowledge rather than practical ones. How to help a child concentrate in class? In order to get concentration, e-learning should be practiced in schools, so that students can get practical knowledge and also it develops an interest in learning.


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E-learning always has a positive influence on students and teachers. With the help of E-learning, students could achieve good results in competitive exams. Through e-learning, they can able to implement innovative and creative ideas in classrooms. It improves the scores on certifications and tests. Moreover, through e-learning, the student retains their knowledge and information for a long time.



One of the most important benefits of e-learning is, accessible to all age limits. E-learning not only benefits the students but also many people who are interested in learning something new. E-learning allows people of all ages to enroll in new courses and learn something new. All age groups get benefited through electronic learning.



E-learning offers a fun way method of learning. Fun way of learning provides a great learning experience to both students and teachers. There are few students who do not get attached to their peers. To avoid this and make them enthusiastic, e-learning through fun activities help those children. Through E-learning, students could be more enthusiastic in classrooms. Activities that are demonstrated on the internet makes the kids more active. On the other hand, teachers also feel easy to handle the classrooms and subjects.



Through E-learning, students could get instant feedback and reviews from online mentors. A review of each and every student is easily evaluated instantly. Moreover, to encourage the students, e-learning provides certifications after and each and every exam. In web-based learning, the mentor can track student’s educational behavior and learning progress.



E-learning is one important platform for all students. With the help of web-based learning, the student can log in from any device and start to learn. Moreover, through e-learning, there is no limit to any concepts. Students can easily learn countless concepts and gain knowledge.



           An online learning style is best suited to all of us. E-learning has made education very easy and convenient. It’s one of the most effective methods practiced in today’s era.  Both students and teachers get benefited from electronic learning. Through e-learning, students and teachers get updated with the latest trends and technologies. With the help of electronic learning, students can able to learn different concepts without the help of mentors. They can develop themselves in a diversified field.

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