10 Best Working Mom Blogs to Follow for Inspiration, Support, and Advice

Best working mom blogs to follow

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a supportive community of working women to help you through the ups and downs as a busy working mother.

Juggling work and family life is no easy feat. However, with the right online support network, working mothers can find inspiration and encouragement when they need it the most.

While the internet can be a great source of information and connection, it is also riddled with misinformation.

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To help you sort through it all, here is a list of the ten best working mom blogs to follow in your busy, sometimes chaotic, working mom journey.

List Of  The Top 10 Working Mother Blogs

1. Cafemom

CafeMom is an online community for all moms. Its mission is “to help families raise happy, kind and confident kids.”

The site provides articles, tips, news, and advice on all aspects of motherhood, for real-life challenges, without filters. With categories on parenting, lifestyle, entertainment, news, and shopping, the site has something for everyone.

Furthermore, Work It, Mama, a monthly series in the site’s Lifestyle category, offers powerful advice for mompreneurs and working moms alike, helping them navigate work and home life.

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2. Scary Mommy

You may have been scared when you heard the name Scary Mommy. Scary Mommy isn’t meant to scare you. ScaryMommy.com is a mommy blog that creates content related to motherhood, parenting, pop culture, and current events. The blog aims to connect with women at all levels of their lives, including — and beyond — motherhood.

The blog is committed to supporting “every mother’s journey – married moms, single moms, working moms, SAH moms, pregnant women, those trying to conceive, and more.”

With a bold voice, Scary Mommy does not shy away from uncomfortable or taboo topics. Thus, it empowers women to be themselves while encouraging them to embrace imperfection.

Who is behind scary mommy?

Jill Smokler founded the blog ScaryMommy.com in 2008. (You can read the story of how she created the blog here.) later In 2015, she sold Scary Mommy to Some Spider Studios that is a media company headquartered in New York.

Who is the editor of Scary Mommy?

Currently, Kate Auletta is working as the chief editor of Scary Mommy.

3. Christine Michel Carter

The blog ChristineMichelCarter.com is established by Christine Michel Carter in 2017. She is an influencer mom dedicated to helping all moms achieve fulfilling careers and “companies retain this precious talent.”

Named a “Top B2B Content Marketing Influencer to Follow” and a “Hermes Creative Award Winner,” among many other accolades, Christine fights against the unfair treatment of women all over the world by advocating policy changes.

By offering individual support, selling her books, and offering advice on her blog and marketing consulting services for small businesses, she aims to assist and inspire women from all walks of life.

As a co-host of The Work-Life Equation podcast, Christine aims to continue to empower women to achieve the coveted work-life balance through honest conversations.

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4. Women Working

WomenWorking.com is founded by Helene Lerner. It is one of the blogs for moms who work from home or outside.
Helen is committed to supporting women through the many challenges in their daily lives. She is a prolific author, Emmy Award-winning executive producer, independent public television host, and Fortune 500 workplace consultant.

For over two decades, she has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares through her blog, books, TV specials, and private coaching practice.

She provides tips, tools, and inspiration to empower women personally and professionally.

5. Tech Mamas

Beth Blecherman is the founder and editor of TechMamas.com. It is a mom blog for techies where she offers advice on tech, digital marketing, career & lifestyle for working-from-home moms.

She seamlessly combines tech with family and offers product reviews, news, and recommendations.

In addition to being a tech blogger, she is an influencer, a speaker, and a tech consultant.

6. Happy You, Happy Family

Kelly Holmes is the founder of HappyYouHappyFamily.com. She is also an entrepreneur, Certified Parent Educator, and mother of four who believes in finding happiness in chaos.

She offers research-backed articles on parenting, family, and working-parent life along with actionable tips. She calls her blog a “No Should-ing Zone,” for she believes parents are already stressed and stretched thin as it is.

Instead, she believes small changes can lead to a happy home life without mothers having to sacrifice their personal needs.

7. Forever Freckled

In ForeverFreckled.com, three sisters, Kate, Alison, and Carrie, a pediatrician, a veterinarian, and a stylist respectively, offer advice on managing careers and family life.

Their unique perspectives and areas of expertise make for an informative blog full of personality and sisterly advice for mothers from all walks of life.

8. Working Moms Against Guilt (WMAG)

WorkingMomsAgainstGuilt.com is one of the best working moms’ blogs that is established in 2006 by Sara Bennett Wealer, Tela Durbin, Cara Reeves, and Susan Wenner Jackson. WMAG is an “outlet and resource for all moms” who battle working mom guilt.

These four mom writers took their water cooler conversations from the office to a blog to empower women to feel good about themselves and the decisions they make in their daily lives.

WMAG covers a wide array of working mom topics and it does so with wit, humor, and honesty.

9. Motherly

Mother.ly is a prominent blog for mothers, it shares expert advice and ideas along with encouragement for women precisely when they need it most.

The blog offers inspirational, real-world advice ranging from pregnancy and baby timelines and milestones to teenager nutrition to career and money to uplifting personal essays.

Additionally, Motherly offers women-centered classes led by experienced professionals in a variety of fields, many of which are free of charge, such as Maternity Leave 101, Grandparents 101, and The Motherly Birth Class.

10. Fab Working Mom Life

Julie is the author of FabWorkingMomLife.com, an environmental compliance consultant, military wife, and mother. She writes to help other working moms on the journey to find balance in their working life and family life.

Through her blog, she offers support to other moms, “tips, hacks, and ideas for thriving in motherhood, parenting, and work.”

Julie offers advice from returning to work from maternity leave to date night ideas to the financial organization, and everything in between.

Final Thoughts

Being a busy working mom is not easy. Life can easily become overwhelming and chaotic. However, having a supportive community behind you can be invaluable as you journey through working mom life.

Being part of an online community with helpful blogs about working moms can help you navigate your days as a woman who wants to have it all, even if at times it is a bit imperfect.

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