All You Need To Know About A Breastfeeding Bracelet


Breastfeeding a newborn baby is a beautiful experience altogether for a mother. And with that, it is equally important to monitor the baby’s feeding time so that they are not hungry. A mother is always at work, taking care of the baby, and in doing so, she might forget the baby’s feeding time. Also, if the baby is being fed from the same side, they might not get enough milk.

A breastfeeding bracelet can help you in many ways. It works as a reminder for mothers that it is feeding time. Additionally, it also shows when the baby was previously fed, and from which side. Therefore, the bracelet is beneficial for feeding mothers.

What is a Breastfeeding Bracelet? 

A breastfeeding bracelet is a reminder bracelet worn on the wrist by mothers to monitor the feeding time and work as a reminder. Additionally, it also helps in scheduling times beforehand. Motherhood is never easy; however, this bracelet helps in reducing a small amount of mental load of remembering the feeding time for the babies. Therefore, this article will help you to learn more about the bracelet.

Breastfeeding BraceletTypes of Breastfeeding Bracelets: 

A breastfeeding bracelet comes in different types and materials. The most common of them all is the silicon-based bracelet. It has sliders that specify the time and side. This allows the mother to remember the timing schedule for feeding the baby and the side from which they were previously fed. They look trendy and can be worn with other bracelets. There is one more type of bracelets that mothers love; it is made up of beads and different kinds of artificial jewels. They are designer bracelets, unlike any feeding bracelet.

How to Use The Bracelet? 

The ease of carrying this bracelet by using it as a wearable is what makes it so popular. The mother can easily wear these bands on her wrist similar to other fashionable bracelets. These breastfeeding bracelets have engraving upon them which allows mothers to track the timing for feeding the baby. The engraving has specified left and right sides to remind the mother, the baby was previously fed from which side. The mother can easily move the slider ahead, to schedule the next feeding time, and turn the bracelet to remember the side.

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Keeping the Milk Band Clean: 

It is vital to clean the Breastfeeding Bracelet over time. Since it is made from artificial beads, jewels, or silicon, they attract many germs. And it is not healthy for you and your baby to be exposed to germs. The best way to clean the bracelet is to wash it with warm water and milk soap. Additionally, you can sterilize the band by leaving it in boiling water for two to three minutes. It is highly recommended to not use these bands for more than six months. You should always replace these bracelets after every few months.

Need for Breastfeeding Bracelets: 

A breastfeeding bracelet allows the mother to properly scheduling the feeding time of the baby. Scheduling is very important as it maintains the rate at which the milk is generated in mothers. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for mothers.


It is never easy to be a mother, and that too of a newborn baby. It adds a lot of pressure, and you have to take care of every little aspect of feeding the baby. And in doing so, you could forget the feeding time of the baby, which will make them hungry. Therefore, a breastfeeding bracelet helps in removing some mental pressure from the mother’s mind. With these bracelets, she no longer has to remember the feeding time of the baby.

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