3 Benefits of Nursing Your Newborn

Nursing Your Newborn

We get it – you want the very best for your little one. From baby proofing the house to getting a crib that will keep them comfortable and a car seat that will keep them safe, you want your baby to be happy and healthy. There are multiple ways you can feed your baby, and nursing is a great way to go to ensure that your bundle of joy will thrive. So what are some of the reasons that you should consider breastfeeding your baby? Check out our top three benefits that come with nursing your newborn!

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1. Breast Milk is Golden

Breast milk is pretty magical. It contains a slew of wonderful nutrients that your baby needs to grow and thrive, from antioxidants and live antibodies to immune properties and enzymes. All of these help your baby to ward off illness and keep your baby healthy. In addition, breast milk has been proven to naturally soothe your little one, which definitely comes in handy during this nighttime feedings. There is certainly a time and place for baby formula, but if you’re able to, giving your baby breastmilk is a wonderful way to go!

Breast Milk
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2. Beautiful Bonding Moments

Nursing provides you and your baby with plenty of opportunities to bond with one another. Studies have found that giving your newborn skin to skin contact helps to reduce stress and increase the connection that your little one feels with you. While you’re nursing your newborn, you’re able to give them that skin to skin contact, as well as eye contact and a chance for some conversation. Let them get used to the soothing sound of your voice. Sing them a song or tell them a story. You could even read a book or an article on your phone out loud if that helps! So grab that nursing pillow and take advantage of these opportunities to bond with one another.

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3. Helps Your Baby Stay Healthy

There are so many different ways that you can improve your baby’s health through nursing. Over time, doctors have found that breastfed babies experience less allergies and eczema, they have a lower risk of having diabetes, and it even causes fewer cavities! Their immunity to diseases is increased, and it can help their brain to properly grow and mature. Overall, breastmilk does incredible things for the health of your little one.

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Making the right decisions to ensure that your baby is strong, healthy, and happy is a big priority for every parent. If you’re looking into the different options for feeding your bundle of joy, take some time to consider nursing. From the opportunities for bonding to the health benefits it provides, you’ll find that it is well worth the effort.

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