Do Newborns with Curly Hair Keep Their Curls?

Newborns with Curly Hair

There’s something extra cute about newborns with curly hair. Those curly locks can make a precious baby even more irresistible. But many babies born with curly hair end up with straight hair when they reach their toddler years; why is that? Why do some newborns with curly hair keep their curls, and others lose them?

Baby girl curly hair
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If your baby has curly hair when born, you might wonder if those curls will stick around. They might, or they might not. Whether or not your baby will retain their curly hair comes down to genes. Sometimes, when you cut your baby’s curls, they’ll grow back even curlier. However, sometimes, the curls go away as soon as you cut your baby’s hair.

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Some people believe it’s the act of cutting your baby’s hair that gets rid of the curls, but this isn’t the case. As previously mentioned, sometimes your baby will have even tighter curls after their first haircut. If you’re wondering whether your baby will end up with curly hair, you could look for a few potential hints.

Signs Your Baby Will Have Curly Hair

Babies are born every day; some have thick heads of dark hair, others have thin little wisps, and some have no hair at all. And some newborns have a head full of curls, but will they keep them?

Here are a few signs that your baby will have curly hair.

1. Mom and Dad Both Have Curly Hair

The most significant determining factor of your baby’s hair texture is genes. If mom and dad both have curly hair, then the odds are good baby will too. However, if only one parent has curly hair, it depends on the dominant gene. When it comes to curly or straight hair, curly hair is considered a dominant trait.

2. Born in a Humid and Warm Environment

The environment might play a role in the overall texture of your baby’s hair. Babies born in a more humid environment might have curly or frizzy hair. Humidity tends to make hair curl. If you move to a colder climate, your baby’s curls might go straight. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding the effect of climate on hair, but it’s a possibility.

3. You Have Heartburn While Pregnant

One old wive’s tale suggests that experiencing heartburn while pregnant is a clue that your baby will have curls. The theory stems from the idea that hormones that affect fetal hair growth can cause expectant moms to experience unpleasant results. Therefore, it’s not the hair itself but the hormones causing heartburn.

4. Your Baby’s Hair Has a Frizzy Texture

Check out your baby’s hair. If the curls have a frizzier texture, your baby is more likely to keep their curls. If it’s smoother, the curls might give way to straight hair. You can also take note of how your baby’s curls react to humidity. If it starts to get frizzy, it could point to your newborn’s curly hair sticking around.

5. Your Baby’s Hair Dries in a Curl

A big clue as to whether your newborn will keep their curls is how their hair dries. After washing your baby’s hair, does it tend to stay straight as it dries or curls up in a loop? If it’s the latter, there’s a good chance your baby’s hair will remain curly.

6. Hair That’s Hard to Manage

It could be more challenging to part your baby’s hair or keep it in place if it’s curly. What if you brush or comb your newborn’s hair and can’t seem to get it to cooperate? It could be a sign the curls are there to stay. You might also notice frizzier hair along the hairline when new hair starts to appear.

Caring for Your Baby’s Curls

Whether your baby keeps their curls or not, it’s essential to care for their hair appropriately. Here are some tips for looking after those lovely locks.

       Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to “brush” your baby’s hair when it’s wet.

       Use a soft cloth to dry your baby’s hair. You can even use a clean T-shirt.  A towel could lead to frizziness.

       Don’t wash your baby’s hair every day. You should only wash curly hair once a week or so. Also, it’s advisable not to use shampoo to wash your baby’s hair until at least 6 weeks after delivery.

       Don’t forget to use a conditioner.

       Trimming the curls regularly and keeping the hair short can help keep the curls in tip-top shape.

Keep in mind the clues in this article are potential signs baby will have curly hair, but they’re not a guarantee.

Sometimes, you just need to wait and see if your baby will keep its curls. Ultimately, only time will tell.

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