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Parental Control App

Parenting has become problematic because this generation of kids is well aware of advanced technology. Children of every age group use smart devices, young kids have tablets, and teenagers have smartphones. Being a parent, you have to get them cell phones because it has become necessity. Kids do homework with the help of the internet and contact parents in case of emergencies.

Free access to smartphones and the internet has generated many problems in the life of young people. Without experience and sense, they get introduced to strangers, and this makes them vulnerable. They get bullied and get mental health issues by getting addicted to harmful content and games online.

That’s why parents feel challenged in choosing whether or not to give kids internet freedom. You can’t entirely cut out teenager’s technology needs, but you can indeed control them; that’s why there are parental control apps available online. You can track down each digital activity of the child and save them from troubles and bad choices. That’s why I introduce you to THEWISPY app.

TheWispy- Best parental control app:

TheWispy is a high-quality parental control app for android that you can use to spy on your kid’s smartphones. You must have the app installed on the smartphone, and you’ll good to use all features. TheWispy parental control for tablet is the number one choice of parents around the globe. That’s because it has over 30 great parental control tools proven best for hacking into android devices.

TheWispy- How to monitor your child’s phone:

Tracking smartphones is a tough job because you have to invest time and effort into it. You will have to wait for a long time to process information and then go through every detail. But TheWispy works in a way that you can easily monitor your kid’s tablet without getting to know a whole new technology.

TheWispy team has worked smart and provided advanced features that will automatically start fetching data with a few clicks. Once you have the app physically installed on the tab or phone, you can monitor your child’s phone by enabling functions through the dashboard. You have required a good internet connection, access to a web browser, and you can start spying via the best parental control app for tablet.

TheWiSpy pricing plans:

TheWiSpy is an app to monitor kid’s phone that has allowed parents to spy remotely. It is one of the top used android spy apps because it offers incredible results and unlimited features in affordable plans. The first thing you have to do on your end is to figure out what you need, so it’s easier to choose a plan. As talking about TheWiSpy app, there are three reasonable plans available for you. Here is a detail of the plan, so you have a better understanding.

Standard plan:

The standard plan includes three different options, and you can choose the duration of the subscription from one to three months. The price of this package starts from $19.99 only; it can increase according to the time span.

Starter plan:

Some people need parental control app for the tablet for a short period, and TheWiSpy offers just what you require. The starter plan can be subscribed for 15 days for just $9.99 and has every feature necessary for monitoring.

Premium plan:

If you need advanced features to monitor your kid and get detailed outcomes, you should go with the premium plan. You can subscribe from one month to three months starting from $29.99 only.

TheWiSpy compatibility with android devices:

TheWiSpy is the answer to your question “how to monitor your child’s phone”. It is a highly compatible app with android devices, and if your kid has a smartphone with at least a 4.0 OS version, then you’re good to use. TheWiSpy has unlimited features to spy, and you can avail all that on your cell phone. The most compatible android devices are Samsung, LG, and many other top brands. You can get the app on the phone or tablet and start controlling your child’s online activity remotely.

Magnificent parental controls of TheWiSpy app:

The advanced and magnificent features of TheWiSpy app to monitor kid’s phone makes it number one choice for parents. It is a fact that when parents lookout for best spy apps for android first thing they notice how the apps functions and elaborate how to monitor your kid’s phone using features. Here are some of the primary parental controls offered in TheWiSpy app.

  • Microphone recording:

Now you can listen to the whole communication happening around your kid’s phone. The call recording feature is a win for TheWiSpy because it is an advanced function that allows the end-user to record every noise using a microphone and listen to it afterwards.

  • Location control:

TheWiSpy is a free spy app for android undetectable because it works in stealth mode; you can track the live location of your child using this parental control. The function will generate on the end user’s command, and you will get a real-time result in seconds of the process.

  • Text message monitoring:

It is easier to get into your kid’s phone chats using the text message monitoring feature. Teens are very secretive about their personal lives and don’t share any problem. It is an alarming situation, and you can control it using TheWiSpy parental control app for tablet.

  • Geofencing:

Don’t think a second about using the geofencing feature in TheWiSpy app because it is essential for stubborn teens who don’t follow your instructions. Indeed, there are certain places you don’t want your kids to go, and you can enable this feature to keep a closer eye on your child. No matter how far you’re from them, TheWiSpy will notify you if they enter the restricted area.

  • Multimedia controlling:

Control what your kid has access to by using the multimedia controlling function. You will use this feature to view and delete multimedia files, pictures, and videos. There will be no inappropriate thing on their phone from now on.

  • Call history hacking:

You can easily track call history on the tablet using this feature; it has advanced functionality that will allow you to view, delete phone calls.

  • Remote access for spying:

It is a dream for parents to monitor teens without nagging them all day; TheWiSpy offers remote spying. You can use this app and still keep an eye on online activity sitting in your chair. It is possible because of the advanced technology and innovative features that you have all the world in your hand as a spy app.

Concluding thoughts:

Monitoring cellphones not a pleasant thing to do as a parent; of course, it’s hard to invade your kid’s privacy, but in this dangerous world, it has become a necessity. With increased cyberbullying and free access to inappropriate content, parents feel obligated to use apps to monitor kid’s phone.

TheWiSpy is the number one parental control app for tablets preferred by thousands of folks worldwide. It has advanced functionality and an outstanding quality result that separates it from regular spy apps. Go and get your TheWiSpy software today and end your search for the best parental control app.

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