5 Tips and Tricks for Diaper Rash Prevention

Diaper Rash Prevention

A diaper rash is a common form of dermatitis. Almost every baby will get one during the first three years of life.

You don’t want your baby to get a diaper rash. Your baby will feel uncomfortable. Your baby will also cry or fuss when the diaper area is washed or touched.

A diaper rash can lead to serious complications. To keep your baby happy, you must know how to prevent a diaper rash.

Read on to learn about diaper rash prevention. Here are 5 tips and tricks that will help you prevent them.

1. Do Immediate and Frequent Diaper Changes

To know how to prevent diaper rash, you must know what causes it. Irritation from stool and urine can cause it. Prolonged exposure to them can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

You shouldn’t leave the baby on too long after your baby has a bowel movement or urinates. Change the diaper immediately after.

Frequent diaper change is key to diaper rash prevention. You don’t want your baby’s bottom exposed to moisture and enzymes. These two things can increase a baby’s chance of getting a diaper rash.

2. Thoroughly Clean and Air Dry the Area

Don’t rush to put the new diaper on. After you take off the dirty diaper, let the area air dry out. Doing so prevents the moisture from the dirty diaper from transferring to the baby’s skin.

Consider putting down a towel to avoid any accidents while you let the skin dry. If you’re short on time, you can use a fan to dry the skin.

3. Avoid Using Super-Snug Diapers

A loose diaper can cause a leak. Some parents like to use super-snug diapers to prevent leaks. It’s best not to let the diapers be so snug.

Snug diapers can rub against the baby’s skin. This can lead to chafing. It’s a good idea to go a size up on diapers.

4. Go Diaper-Free

Allow your baby to go diaper-free for a few hours each day. This will allow the baby’s skin time to breathe. It also helps to prevent irritation.

This is a great time to look for signs of diaper rash. If your baby has one, you must let it heal.

5. Use the Right Products for Diaper Rash Prevention

It takes more knowing how to change a diaper to prevent a diaper rash. You must know how to use irritant-free products.

Certain products can affect a baby’s skin. You want to avoid using soaps that contain alcohol. Avoid using perfumed detergents.

You must also avoid using scented baby wipes. These baby cotton pads are a better choice.

Now You Know How To Prevent Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can make a baby uncomfortable. You don’t want your little one to be unhappy.

You must focus on diaper rash prevention. Use these five tips and tricks to prevent them.

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