Door Wreaths Are No Longer Just For Christmas – They Are For All Year Round

Door Wreaths

For anyone that is a fan of simple ways to decorate their home, a door wreath is likely to be something that appeals to you. No longer are they something that you can only put up at Christmas time, instead, they can be put up on your door all year round. However, when deciding on what type of wreath to hang on your door, you need to think about a number of different things, such as colour.

Wreath Colour

The very first colour that you should consider for a door wreath is, of course, green. This is because it is a natural colour that provides a real outdoorsy element to the wreath and is good for all seasons. However, if you want to change things up throughout the seasons, then think about using bright and light greens during the spring, grass green in the summer, muted greens in the fall, and dark piney greens during winter.

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Blue is another popular colour for door wreaths. The same formula that works with green throughout the different seasons can also be used with blue colour also – so bright and light blues during spring, rich ones in summer, and muted blues during the fall. For the winter months, there are various snow and ice themes that work well with blue, which is one reason why the colour is so popular.

When deciding on a colour for your wreath, you need to take into consideration the colour of the door that it is going to be hung on and the tone of the exterior of your home. Going for an opposite shade is likely to cause a high contrast that you may or may not like.

Wreath Type

 For the best type of wreath that will hold up to all weather conditions, you should opt for a handmade wreath, such as the ones available online. These focus on styles that are derived from more natural elements, such as grass.

You should always try and steer clear from anything that is overly flashy/blingy, such as ribbons, glitter, or even peacock feathers. Some of the types of wreaths that you should go for, however, include the following:

1. Rustic wreath –

these types of wreaths are perfect for farm houses or similar rural properties. Grapevine is the perfect base for a rustic wreath and it can be added to with a range of other flowers and accessories, such as a sign.

2. Shell wreath

Not all wreaths have to be made from flowers and plants, some can be made from other natural materials too, such as shells and other things found by the coast. This is the ideal option for coastal properties or for anyone that wishes to pay homage to the seas.

3. Cotton wreath –

Cotton can be combined with a grapevine to create the most beautiful rustic looking door wreath. It is not something that is widely done so will draw lots of attention from the neighbours.

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