Ways To Make Your Home Your Personal Retreat

Personal Retreat at home

Do you want to get the same relaxing feel as you do when you plop down on a soft-padded couch or bed in your favorite hotel? That same feeling of relaxation and comfort is possible, even when at home. We have compiled a list of easy ways you can turn your home into a personal retreat.

Consider Lighting

Most hotels use a mix of desk and floor lamps to create a bright space. Frosted finished light bulbs are most common since they are easy on the eyes without affecting visibility. Light bulbs anywhere between 25W-100W are ideal. You might use 25W in the bedroom above the bed and 100W in the bathroom.

Recessed Curtains

Another thing that makes hotels so comfy is the high-quality, durable curtains. Hotel curtains do a great job of blocking out the sunlight when you want to sleep late into the morning, and they are also easy to slide. Updating your home’s window treatments to a recessed curtain track set can give you the same ease and comfort. Recessed curtains, similar to recessed lights, fit naturally in with your space, giving it a modern touch.

Prioritize Comfort

Hotels don’t typically skimp on comfort when it comes to choosing furniture. While you don’t have to spend a fortune to furnish your home, it can be helpful to prioritize comfort over design. Opt for a couch with additional padding, or invest in a mattress topper for an affordable way to improve your bed’s comfort. You may notice that each piece of furniture in a hotel is carefully selected and ideally comfortable, including the desk chair and any stools. You can always start with one comfy piece of furniture and then slowly furnish the rest of your home, prioritizing comfort.

Focus on Functionality

Functionality also makes hotel rooms nice. Reaching the bathroom, closet, or desk takes just a few steps. While your home is likely much larger, you can still focus on functionality. Lay out each room in your home so that it’s easy to reach your most used items. Place the dresser near your vanity since you will likely get dressed and then move to makeup. Hotel bathrooms typically have a lot of storage, so upgrading your cabinets and shelves can improve your home’s efficiency.

Don’t Underestimate the Comfort of Pillows

You’re missing out if you’re still sleeping on the same pillow you have been for the last few years. Not only do hotels change their pillows frequently, but they also opt for the best. Hypoallergenic pillows with a soft pillowcase can turn your bedtime routine into a personal retreat. Larger pillows placed on the bed and couches can also give your whole space an inviting and comforting appeal.

Decorate With Plants

Hotels may not have plants in the rooms, but you’ll likely notice them in the lobby. Plants add instant comfort and relaxation to any space. Additionally, many studies have found that plants boost creativity, productivity, and overall mood. Plants are also easy to decorate a space, especially when you use larger ones, and they fit in with a modern design.

Design Around a Hobby

One of the advantages you get over a hotel room is that you live in your personal space, meaning you can design it around a hobby. For example, a small reading nook will become one of your favorite places in your home if you’re a reader. If you enjoy writing, set up a quiet corner with a comfortable desk and ample light that allows you to write. Other ideas might include a craft room or even a home gym.

Even if you prefer to destress by binging your favorite TV shows or soap operas, you can create a cozy living room. Add a few fuzzy blankets to the couch back for easy warmth, and consider investing in an electric fireplace. Don’t forget a few bean bag chairs or sleeping bag beds so younger children can enjoy a cozy area too.

Carefully Choose Colors

Hotels and resorts rarely opt for bold colors. This is because color theorists will tell you that certain bold colors do little to calm and ease you. Neutral, light colors are subtle and capable of improving your mood. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid all bold colors or patterns. If pink or red makes you happy, add an accent wall. You can also add a brightly colored curtain to your recessed rod.

Turn your home into a place you love and look forward to enjoying. Creating a space that calms you and feels like a retreat can take some planning and work, but the efforts are worth it when you love your home.

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