20 Best Get to know you questions for kids

Get to know you questions for kids

If you are a teacher or a relative that wants to know a kid well, there’s no better way to do that other than using questions. Just make sure those are the right questions that will get them thinking deeply and interact with them the right way. Here are the best get to know you questions for kids.

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  1. Which pet is your favorite, a dog, or a cat? Why do you love your pet? (There’s a lot to learn from this. It can show how caring they are and how responsible they are for their pets


  1. What is your favorite color, red, green, or blue? Why do you love this color? How do you know you love it? (Knowing the kid’s color can tell you a lot about the kid. It’s actually a show of sensitivity and care)

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  1. Who is your hero? Why do you think he’s your hero and not anyone else? (What characters does the kid love and what does he/she like the most. Many children work with role models and hence will emulate a certain character)


  1. In a Zombie attack, what would be your weapon of choice, and why would you pick that weapon? (Can the child protect his/herself? You will know how much effort he adds on making sure he/she is safe)


  1. At what age will you be considered an adult? Why do you think so? (This shows you something about his/her understanding. You will notice if the kid knows the right age he/she should start acting as an adult)


  1. If you were the head of your family, what rule would you change? Is that rule in common with your parents today? (This is one of the best and a funny question to ask kids about their parents. You will know something about the family and the child’s responsibility)


  1. If you sat for a text without an invigilator, would you cheat? Why or why not? (With this question, you will know his/her real characters. It tells something about honesty)


  1. Have you ever been on a vacation? If yes, which was your favorite? (If you ask this question, then you will notice the places the kid wants to travel to)


  1. If you had a chance to do something really amazing right now, what would it be? (With this, you will notice something about the kid’s ambitions and what he really wants to do and has little capabilities to act)
Funny get to know you questions
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  1. Which movie character makes you laugh the most? Why do you think he/she is funny? (You have a chance to know exactly what the kid loves the most and what makes him/her happy. It’s also a funny get to know you questions for the kid)


  1. Do you care about other people? What makes you feel like you care? (This will give you a clear information about how caring the kid is and why he thinks other people deserves his/her service)


  1. If you had a chance to have a dinner with anyone today, who would he be? (You will know who the kid’s role model is. It’s also easy to identify what the kid would like to be in future)


  1. What do you think people should know about you that they don’t? Why do you think they should know that, and what shows you they don’t know already? (This gives you a chance to know the kid deeply. It gives you a chance to know the hidden thing in every kid.)


  1. If you were a teacher, and you are in a class where no student is listening, what would you do? Why do you think that is the right thing to do? (This shows how the kid controls his/her emotions and whether he can get out of control when things are not working the way he wants)


  1. If you had a chance to meet all the kids in the world and gift them, what would be your gift of choice? Why? (This gives you information about how caring the kid is and how helpful he can be to other kids)


  1. If you were the principle in this school and had a chance to make one rule that all students should abide by, what would the rule be, and why do you think it will be a good rule? (This shows you how the kid takes the school rules and whether he/she thinks rules are good)


  1. Do you love superheroes? If you are given a chance to meet one of them and be friends, who would he be and why? (Kids like to roleplay, and so it’s easy to know which superhero is their role model. From this you can know much about their characters)


  1. If you woke up tomorrow and you are a master at woodworking, what furniture would you make for your mom? (How much does the kid care for the mother? How responsible he is and how much responsibility the kid can take)


  1. If you had a lot of money to build a house to house the homeless, how large would it be? Why do you think that is the right thing? (Is the kid compassionate? Does he/she care about other people’s situations? This is what you learn with this question)


  1. If your life was a 1 page book and you are the author, what would you write to fill that page? (Is 1 page enough for you? Why do you think so? (This helps you know a lot about the kid’s life. You can know the plans they have for their lives and a lot more.

The above are some of the questions that you can ask a child to get all the information about a kid and their personality. The questions are not limited, and hence you can always craft more. Just research on some of the best conservation topics for teenagers, and you will be good to go.


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