Give Your Wedding a 90s Touch with these 4 Millennial Wedding Trends

Millennial Wedding

It is a fact. The time has arrived and the millennials are either planning to get married, going to get married or have already married. And if you are one of the former, you might be wondering how to go about planning your wedding and how to make it unique. Well, the one thing that you, as a millennial, can incorporate in your wedding is the characteristic of being a millennial itself. And it can be a great addition certainly.

Millennials carry in them the nostalgia of the 90s as well as the latest trends. And adding these to the wedding planning can definitely make them unique. There are many banquet halls in Houston that will offer professional designers who will help you give your wedding the perfect millennial flavor. However, for a more specific mind, it only makes sense to talk about what trends we can use in the wedding décor.

Here are 4 ways in which you can give your wedding a millennial touch:

1. An overall vintage look:

You are a 90s kid. And there are many things that were there than that aren’t now. And this is what makes them vintage. Yes, we are talking about the looks that our grandparents preferred. And this included the patterns and details in the décor and attire. Pastel shades like lavender, butter yellow and pistachio green are trending now. As well as elements like dried flowers, ribbons and wallpapers.

There is also the trend of mixing present trends with those of the past, e.g. gingham, toile, bold florals, and buffalo checks. Richer textures, like velvet, are also making their way into the trends. If you plan to incorporate such décor in your wedding, there are many reception halls in Houston that have in-house designers that can help you in giving the millennial look.


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2. Instagram-worthy:

One of the most-widespread trends of today is Insta-clicks. And one of the best ways to this at your wedding is via the food. Customized menus with cuisines from all over the world call the perfect snaps to showcase their own creativity in taste to the audience.

There are many inexpensive Wedding Venues Houston TX that provide high quality catering services. They offer multiple cuisines in their menus from all over the globe, for example, South American, Continental, Italian, Asian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. Share your ideas with the venue catering team you are booking and get the best drool worthy shots for Instagram.


3. Bolder wedding Décor:

With millennials, it all about getting bold. And this has certainly turned out to be a trend. Being “too much” is no more too much but just perfect. And this has been carried forward in the décors as well. They prefer hanging floral pieces, and metallic-spray painted flowers.

Many banquet halls in Houston offer beautiful floral arrangements and centerpieces with lights and candles perfectly suited to your wedding theme. From wax flowers and Asiatic lilies to Roses and Alstroemeria, they decorate the venue with flowers to match your taste.

4. Sustainability:

Millennials are incorporating sustainability in a way that is making it more than just a trend. They are making it a way of life. They opting for the reuse of décor elements, for example, bouquets are doubling as centerpieces, meatless weddings are gaining in number, and weddings are taking place, which carry inclusive menus appealing to the guests who have various restrictions on their diets. Edible flowers are being used to adorn desserts, salads, and much more.

Such additions will only make your wedding look more you. And certainly so, as it is after all your wedding. Opt for the above-mentioned details and give your wedding the perfect millennial flavor just as it deserves; just as you and your spouse deserve.

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