How To Stay Fit And Healthy With A Baby?

A healthy mom with her baby

The birth of a baby is always a happy occasion. To new moms, it’s a magical moment to see their bundle of joy. Along with that feeling of happiness, however, is a universal concern among moms: the desire to shed off the extra weight they’ve gained during pregnancy and stay healthy.

Being a mom entails a lot of responsibilities, such as looking after a baby and doing chores, so it can be difficult to find the time to relax and work out. But you can still find the right balance and give yourself a little self-love.

After all, it’s important to take care of yourself so that your baby will grow up to be a well-rounded and strong individual. Besides, a healthy and happy mom is a great mom.

Here’s a guide to staying in tip-top shape as a mother.

1. Join A Mom And Baby Program

Many fitness instructors and companies now realize that their clients have different needs. Some exercise to lose weight or improve their health after being diagnosed with a medical condition. Others are women who have just have given birth. If you’re a mom who wants to get back in shape, you can try joining a postnatal program.

A mom and baby program is a fitness activity where you can exercise with your baby in tow. You won’t have to worry about finding a sitter or a family member to leave your baby with when you need to work out.

Participating in this kind of program comes with other benefits. For one, you’ll get to meet other moms and be friends with them. You’ll experience better sleep and feel less tired as well.

Furthermore, a postnatal program will help you strengthen and tone muscles, maintain strong cardiovascular health, and improve your mood.

2. Make Exercise The First On Your To-Do List For The Day

Make exercise your first priority of the day. Set your alarm between half an hour and an hour earlier than the time you usually feed your baby. This will give you some quiet time that you can devote to a workout session.

It may seem counter-productive for you, given the lack of sleep and exhaustion you might be dealing with, but remember that your goal at this point is to carry out light and doable exercises, such as walking around the village or in a park and cycling. You can go swimming too but only once the bleeding stops and after you’ve completed your postnatal check with your doctor, which is usually six to eight weeks after birth. Don’t go for strenuous activities yet, like running, playing tennis, and lifting heavy weights, since your body needs to heal for at least three months.

Moreover, exercising first thing in the morning will set your day off to a good start. It’ll send happy hormones, making you feel even more energetic and motivated to perform tasks. Otherwise, you may never get around to it since you’ll be busy throughout the day.

3. Combine Errands With Exercise

As a busy mom with a baby, you have to be more mindful of time management. If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise, why not multi-task? Combine errands with exercise. Moms are known to be queens of multi-tasking.

For example, you’re off to do the groceries today. If the supermarket is nearby and you live in a place where roads are stroller-friendly, go for a walk instead of driving or taking public transportation. But if bringing a stroller won’t be doable, you can use a carrier. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

4. Set Your Workout Routine On Your Calendar

When you have an appointment set on your calendar, you’ll make sure you won’t miss it. You’ll show up—no excuses. So, why not do the same with your workout routine?

Decide what physical activities you want to do and write them down on your family calendar. You can reserve Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for walking and Tuesdays and Thursdays for yoga.

Following a schedule and establishing a weekly routine will even prove useful in sharing responsibilities with your partner. While you’re off to exercise, your partner can take care of your baby.


You need to be happy and healthy so that you can be a good mom. When you meet your own needs, you’ll be more motivated and inspired to do even better for your family. As a mother, it’s normal to have your world revolve around your children, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about yourself and sacrifice your well-being.

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