Is It Good for Kids to Wear Sunglasses?

A kid wears sunglass

We all want our kiddos to spend more time outside doing physical activity than indoors hypnotized by screens.

However, between school recess, sporting activities, and playtime, kids end up spending more time outside than most adults.

With increased sun exposure there is an increased risk of eye damage due to ultraviolet (UV) light.

So, is it good for kids to wear sunglasses?

Yes, it is! Like sunscreen, the right sunglasses can protect children’s still-developing eyes.

A kid wears sunglass on a beach tour

Let’s explore some of the risks of unprotected sun exposure and some tips for selecting kids’ sunglasses.

Risks of Unprotected Sun Exposure on Eyes

Ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible electromagnetic radiation released by the sun.

Because kids’ eyes are still developing, they cannot filter out the harmful rays as efficiently as adults. In fact, according to WebMD, children’s eyes absorb 70% more UV radiation than adults.

Therefore, it is important to protect children’s eyes from these harmful rays.

While hats can shield their eyes from sunlight above, they cannot protect them from the UV light that bounces off sand, water, snow, or pavement the way sunglasses can.

Long-Term Issues

UV radiation damage can compound over time and may not always be reversible.

Cataracts, macular degeneration (blurry vision and dull colors), pterygium (non-cancerous growth of tissue on the surface of the eye), and melanomas that typically appear with age usually begin with childhood overexposure.

Short-Term Issues

Photokeratitis, also known as ‘snow blindness’ can occur from too much UV light exposure.

This happens when sunlight reflects off sand, water, ice, and snow. It can also happen when someone stares directly at the sun.

It is much like having a sunburned eye, except, there is no pain as there is with sunburned skin, unless it’s severe.

This makes it more dangerous since the child is not aware the damage is occurring.

offers a great selection of sunglasses for the whole family. Their website even features a convenient Virtual Try-On that allows you to see how you look in their huge selection of frames using 3D technology.

The Takeaway

According to SmartBuyGlasses, eye protection is very important, irrespective of age.

With school recess, sporting activities, and general play, children often spend more time outside than adults.

However, with kids’ eyes still under development, it is good for kids to wear sunglasses for proper protection from ultraviolet (UV) light damage.

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