Karaboaz Reviews – Is Karaboaz.com Scam or a Legit Website?

Karaboaz reviews

Karaboaz Reviews:

Is Karaboaz.com a Scam Website?

The short answer: Yes, it is a scam website.

If you are planning to buy anything from Karaboaz.Com, I strongly suggest you stop here and read this Karaboaz reviews article. I believe, this review blog post will help to save your money and time.

Shopping online has picked up real fast over the last decade. It has led to the mushrooming of eCommerce sites specialising in the sale of varied items.

Karaboaz is one in the crowd. The company claims to sell a wide selection of women’s garments including bottoms, tops, dresses, knits, jumpers and accessories.

If asked, I do not recommend using the site for purchases. The site is not trustworthy. The site has become infamous for a number of reasons. So, if you are wondering if Karaboaz is legit or a scam, here’s a detailed, unbiased Karaboaz review.

Karaboaz.com websiteDuplication

The first red flag is the design of the website.

A single glance at the site is enough to see that it is a mere copy of competitor sites. The website is simplistic in its design.

Most of the content displayed on the site is not original.  The product images have a grainy texture. Even details and text included in policy documents such as Terms and Conditions, Return and Refund and Privacy Policy and main website pages such as the About Us page have been copied from other sites.

In fact, Karaboaz shares a number of features with other shady sites such as Finemare, AkaiFashion, Cutevana, Shopsoka, Molydress and the likes.

Lack of a physical location

The company provides a location in China as its physical address. The address checked on Google Maps does not however correspond with Karaboaz or a physical store associated with the company.

The lack of a postal address or worse still, a fake address definitely compels us to question the authenticity of the company.

No Social Media Presence

Most companies today work on building their online presence to attract more customers. It also conveys credibility.

In the case of Karaboaz, “no social media presence” coupled with a dubious physical location has made it the eye of the online scam storm. And, that’s another negative for us too.

Bad Customer Experiences

This is the point we’d like to highlight in our not-so-glowing Karaboaz review. The customer complaints associated with Karaboaz are plenty.

The most important one is the delivery of low quality products. The quality of the products do not match the price charged. Customers have complained time and again that the products do not match the images and descriptions delivered on the site.

There have been many instances of wrong sizes and wrong products shipped. The company has a return and refund policy; however, returning the wrong product works out more expensive than the initial purchase. You are expected to bear the charges of shipping for a refund. This can be extremely disappointing. If you opt for a refund policy, you will receive only 5% to 7% of the money you paid.

Karaboaz also lures customers with a year-around discount. The huge discounts the site offers definitely makes them too good to be true. Delayed deliveries are another issue when shopping from Karaboaz.

To conclude this Karaboaz review, it is definitely a suspicious site and you should steer clear of it

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