5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Kid’s Bathroom

Kid's Bathroom

If your child is lucky enough to have their own bathroom, then it needs to reflect their personality and be built with them in mind. A kid’s bathroom is unique, and they’ll spend a lot of time in the many years they live at home.

There are many ways to make it safe for children of all ages and to make it look amazing. A bathroom is a perfect place to let their personality shine through. We’ll examine five design tips for your child’s bathroom.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a child bathroom renovation. Take these tips to heart and create a bathroom area they love.

1. A Kid’s Bathroom Needs Stepstools

If your child is young, then bathroom fixtures are likely too high for them to comfortably use. This won’t be an issue in the future when they grow, but for now, invest in a sturdy stepstool. You can even attach the stepstool to the sink assembly, bathtub, and toilet so they don’t need to worry about moving it.

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2. Covered Bath and Shower Combo

Children can get rambunctious at bath time and an enclosed bath and shower combo keeps water from splashing out. You can also put in handrails to reduce the chance of slipping during a bath or shower. The shower gets the most use when they’re older, but a detachable showerhead lets you easily bathe the child until they are old enough to do it themselves.

3. Decorate It with Fun Items

The fixtures such as the bathroom faucets, toilets, etc. aren’t changing through the years, but their interest will. Don’t invest in a specialized fixture that they’ll grow out of in a few years. Instead, decorate the room with easily replaceable pictures and items that currently interest them. They may love clowns one year and monster trucks the next.

4. Use Neutral Colors for Countertops

Many eager parents want to use bright and vivid colors for a bathroom for a child. It represents the youthful fun of their young age, but it’s expensive to rip out and replace countertops. Instead, choose standard neutral colors that grow well with the child. When they’re teenagers, they’ll appreciate not having brightly colored countertops.

5. Get A Durable Non-Slip Rug

Even with an enclosed bath and shower area, water occasionally gets on the floor. You don’t want your child slipping, so consider a non-slip rug. This keeps them from slipping and is easily washable and replaced. If you have a tile bathroom floor, injuries happen quickly if they slip. The rug keeps them safe, and you can replace it with age-appropriate styles as they get older.

Keep Your Children Safe and Happy

A kid’s bathroom can be a fun and safe space if it’s created properly. If not, then it can be difficult to use and cause injury. We created these five decoration options to help you create a bathroom that your child enjoys ad gives you peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about décor for children, then please explore our site.

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