Right Cot Choice for a Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Even before we bring our newborn baby home, we zero in on a pram for the baby’s day out and a cot for the baby’s sound sleep. After all, these are modern essentials for all new moms and babies. Parents of newborns spend months looking at catalogs, keeping an eye on prices, comparing brands, and searching on websites for these products.

It hardly matters whether the cot is painted with your favorite color or if a pram has coffee-cup holders. What matters the most is the safety parameters – safety concern is the highest priority to keep your little one safe in these must-haves for babies.

Know what really matters for a sound sleep

1. Gap between rails

Cots should have rails to prevent the baby from falling out. But make sure the side rails are not too wide apart to get the baby’s head stuck between two rails. The gap between the two rails should be such that the baby does not slip from between.

2. Age-specific cot

The cot should be age-specific for a sound sleep cot. For toddlers, the railing should be kept high with the low height of the cot to avoid any kind of injury as toddlers are hyperactive. If babies are not sleeping then you can sing or let them hear Lori’s song.

3. Fixed rails

As parents think about their convenience, drop-side cribs sound a good deal for them. But these are banned in various countries for being a major safety hazard for the newborn. Drop-side cribs could be risky. So, go for fixed rails cot instead. For easy access, keep a sturdy stool near the cot to easily get in and out.

4. Simple design

The fancy cribs obviously look attractive but are these really safer? The more clean or simple the design, the lesser chances of accidents. Moreover, these are also easy to clean and maintain hygiene. There should be nothing where the baby’s leg is likely to get scratched or clothes get stuck.

5. Non-toxic paint

Make sure the cot is not painted with any toxic paint such as silica or lead. The baby will gnaw at almost everything except the teether during teething time. So, the cot should be coated with a non-toxic paint.

6. Mattress and Pillows

Usually, parents think that the soft mattress and pillows are more comfortable for newborns. But putting on a soft mattress can lead to spine-related issues and asphyxia. Instead of going for the softest mattress and pillow set for the newborn, opt for a firmer mattress to keep the newborn’s face and head in shape. Look for a mattress that is firmer and safe for babies.

7. Stability

After considering all the above features for sound sleep, ensure the stability of the cot. To avoid any fall or injury, make sure the cot is properly assembled and the parts do not rattle or wobble. Do check on your own personally each and every part to ensure safety.

So there is much more to look into while making the right choice for the cot than just good-looking features.

Happy Sleeping!

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