What Is The Meaning Of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder

Do you know what is autism spectrum disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disability that typically affects the cognitive, communicative, and social development of an individual.

There are an estimated 1 in 36 children in the United States living with ASD.

The range and scope of symptoms of individuals who fall under the umbrella of ASD are large. For some individuals with autism, their behaviors are barely distinguishable from people who are considered neurotypical.

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Other individuals with autism can display symptoms that make integration into day-to-day life with other people challenging. They may have a lot of difficulty following social cues. For example, they may avoid eye contact with people. They may have “unusual” reactions to external stimuli and become hyperemotional and/or aggressive. There is often a delay in language development for people with autism- some individuals with autism are considered nonverbal. There may also be cognitive and learning challenges as well.

Medication and behavioral therapy are two of the options available to individuals with autism who may have problematic symptoms.

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