Woman’s Entire Family Dies After She Hides Positive Covid Test

Woman's Entire Family Dies After She Hides Positive Covid Test

The risks and hazards associated with the COVID-19 virus have been growing at a substantial speed and rate. It has been so since its spread. It has caused significant unrest among the people. For that reason, individuals who got a positive test result for the virus may be getting ostracized and isolated from society. Such behavior and disorder among the people may be the primary cause. It may have led to the patients hiding their test results, doing all they can to prevent them from getting revealed.

However, this approach is not a beneficial or appropriate one. It has led to numerous unknown and untreated cases. It, in turn, has resulted in several deaths all across the globe. In this article, let us discuss one such incident where a woman’s entire family dies after she hides positive COVID test.

The case comes from the state of Tachira in Venezuela. 36-year-old Verónica García Fuentes had initially fallen ill. She showed fever symptoms with headaches, general malaise, and sneezing during mid-December. Concerned about her health, she promptly took a PCR test at the Integral Diagnostic Center. The results came out as COVID-positive on December 17. Following the protocols, Fuentes isolated herself within the confines of her home. However, she concealed the report and diagnosis from her family, merely telling them that she had the flu.

During the end of December, precisely December 27, she revealed the test results to 33-year-old José Antonio, her husband. She did so when he was leaving for a family gathering and party to prevent him from mingling with their relatives.

Fuentes’ health took a turn for the worse in January when she developed pneumonia. Nevertheless, her husband and their three children, the first child aged 17 and the four-year-old twins Jhoneiker Enmanuel Gómez García and Jhoneider Stiven, still tested COVID-negative then. Fuentes got hospitalized approximately two weeks later when her condition required immediate treatment and care. Again, her family took a COVID test. They tested positive yet asymptomatic this time.

Several days later, José Antonio, Fuentes’ husband, started showing severe symptoms and had to get admitted to the hospital. Around a week later, both spouses passed away consequently on January 18 and January 19. By January end, their three children also followed them. It was around eight days later.

The case and its related news got covered by the local authorities quickly. The news channels and medical personnel deliberated on the immediate and inevitable need to reinforce the basic precautions against COVID-19. They emphasized the essentiality of thoroughly washing the hands using handwashes and soaps multiple times a day. On top of that, the concerned authorities highlighted and stressed the use and implementation of face masks. They underline the maintenance of social distancing whenever a person steps out of their homes.

In addition to the safety precautions taken, the news outlets discussed the various causes why Fuentes hid her condition and test results. They accentuated the content with the headline- “Why Venezuelan woman hides the positive COVID test?” According to the popular daily newspaper La Nación, the primary cause may have been the fear of getting ostracized and rejected by society. Otherwise, the negative notions regarding the COVID-19 virus may have compelled Fuentes to keep mum about her condition.

The case with Fuentes and her entire family has brought under the spotlight the significance of determining and treating all COVID cases promptly and without fail. Experts suggest and warn people to remain exceedingly vigilant and aware. On top of that, the medical personnel and authorities advise people not to consider or take the symptoms lightly.

Amelia Fressen, a local doctor from Tachira, shared a crucial piece of opinion in her interview with La Nación. She stated that “Everything that looks like COVID is COVID, until the opposite is proven.” In addition, she instructed and suggested various vital topics on the radio. She asked people to seek immediate treatment even if the mildest symptoms or effects show. They should do so even though it might seem like a mere cold. She warned them not to allow the condition to advance or worsen. Instead, they should call the ambulance or seek help from the hospital as soon as possible.

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