4 Path Breaking Discoveries about Our Eyes by Scientists

Eye test

Interestingly, the eye doctors and researchers have made some discoveries lately about the human eyes. Eyes are one of the most vital organs of the body that needs careful attention. It probably comes after the heart and the brain that allows us to see the world. So we must take proper care for them and go to eye clinics to conduct eye tests to see whether our vision is all right and whether any eye problems are cropping up. If you are complacent about your eyes, the time has arrived to take it seriously. Ignorance today can cost you tomorrow.

Observations and Conclusions of the Eye Test by Scientists:

Eye tests
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  • Myopia is slowly becoming a global epidemic: Many children these days have glasses. Some children develop vision problems right from birth. The most common vision problem as per the latest eye test in children is myopia, which is growing at an alarming rate. The reason this is very serious is that the problem only gets worse over the years and by middle ages in their 40s develop serious eye problems such as cataracts,glaucoma and other retinal problems.
  • Vision screening tests are not a substitute for the eye exam : A common statistic or worldwide data on eye test shows that most of the parents think the vision of their children is perfect just because they had passed a basic eye screening test conducted at school. And the adults are not too far away. They also think the eye screening test conducted by the motor vehicle department for issuing the driving license is enough to tell them they have no vision problems.

But this is false and misinterpreted. They conduct these screening tests to see that individuals do not have any major eye diseases or problems. Only proper tests conducted at eye clinics can determine whether we have any eye problems at the minor stage, which will also help in early detection. This can prevent the eye diseases from getting worse and becoming major problems for us later.

  • Early detection of glaucoma is important: According to eye doctors and researchers all over the globe, glaucoma is a disease considered tricky. This is because there are no symptoms of the disease in the early stages according to various eye test conducted by the scientists.

According to the eye test, most people can find out they are suffering from glaucoma only in the later stages when they have sustained vision loss for a long time. By this time, the prevention of the further vision loss of the patient is very slim.

To avoid this situation, researchers say that it is better to conduct eye tests and have the reports viewed by the doctors to find out whether there are any symptoms of glaucoma cropping up. In the worst conditions, a person suffering from glaucoma undetected can lead to total vision loss and permanent blindness.

  • Eye tests can also detect other problems : According to various eye test conducted by eye doctors and researchers in this field, they have all agreed to the fact that eye problem detection is very important and sometimes they can also indicate other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer.
Eye tests
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After getting the reports of an eye exam, the doctors are very curious to see the condition of the blood vessels in our retina. By conducting the blood pressure tests on these tender and minute blood vessels, doctors can determine diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, high or low blood pressure.

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