What are the Best Pet Birds for Families?

One of the best pet birds for families (Canary)

For a very long time, people have kept birds as pets. They are entertaining, loving, and easy to train and make fantastic friends. They can add joy to whatever home they are kept in with their distinctive sounds, eye-catching colours, and cunning tricks. We have enlisted some of the best pet birds for families below:


8 Best Pet Birds for Families

The 7 best for families include some of the most lovable birds, which are:

1.    Canary

One of the best pet birds for families (Canary)
Photo by Jelle Taman on Unsplash

The canaries, native to the Canary Islands, were brought to Europe in the late 1500s when people fell in love with them for their singing prowess. The popularity of these birds is due to their singing, eye-catching hues, and looks. They want you to be around them even though they dislike being handled. You should hang their cage in your room where they can see you most of the time if you want to keep them happy.

The female canaries merely chirp while the male canaries sing. These tiny pet birds measure 3 to 4 inches in length and ounce in weight. They come in a wide range of hues and breeds. They can eat spinach, sweet potatoes, and veggies. Daily fresh water should be given to them.


2.    Dove

Two white doves flying
Photo by 卡晨 on Unsplash

Doves make peaceful pets. They are well-liked for their kind and affectionate disposition. They don’t make a lot of noise and aren’t pushy. Doves are regarded as the gentlest birds and are often used as a symbol of peace and love. They don’t require much maintenance and are typically appropriate for apartment dwellers.

Doves are 5 to 8 ounces in weight and 11 to 13 inches in length. They typically have a black ring around their necks and are brown or grey in hue. They have black beaks and eyes. Doves can survive for 12 to 15 years if given the proper care and a nutritious diet.


3.    Finches

Finches pet birds
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

One of the most popular pet birds, finches are known for their calm nature and minimal care needs. They are very delicate pets to take care of because they are little, vulnerable birds. They don’t make a lot of demands on their owner’s time, but they must be kept in pairs or flocks.

Finches are widespread across the world. They have been seen in America, Africa, and even the Hawaiian Islands. Forests and other forested places make up their primary habitat, but several finch species have also been discovered in arid regions.


4.    Lovebirds

Fischers Lovebirds
Photo by Moussa Idrissi: pexels.com

The strong relationship between these small pet birds and their mates gives them their names. The social nature of lovebirds. Given that they dislike being alone, they should be kept in pairs. Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, and Madagascar are home to these birds. The savannas—the treeless plains and tropical grasslands—are their natural habitat.

There are nine subspecies of lovebirds, each with distinctive morphological characteristics. However, these birds are generally very friendly and affectionate. These birds are perfect for apartments and condos because of their friendly disposition and pleasant nature, and they don’t create a lot of noise. However, they occasionally exhibit aggression and become overactive.


5.    Mascaw

Scarlet Macaw
Photo by Tim Mossholder: pexels.com

They are well known for their stunning appearance, vivid colours, and long tails. They are enormous birds that have high demands. Although they are known to be outspoken and assertive, they are also generous and playful. They are the best pet birds due to their amiable and cheerful personality. They have a unique look, variegated bodies with different hues, and huge beaks.

They can weigh between 4 ounces and 4 pounds and range in length from 12 to 40. There are reports of macaws living up to 50 years. Regardless of the pet bird you decide to own, gathering the necessary experience and conducting in-depth research is imperative.


6.    Amazon Parrots

Red Crowned Amazon Parrots
Photo by Ryk Porras on Unsplash

One of the most well-liked talking pet birds is the amazon parrot. They are considered one of the most intelligent pet birds because of their great intelligence, daring disposition, and funny character. Due to their high intellect levels, engaging with them and providing them with mental stimulation is crucial.

They are considered among the best pet birds for seasoned persons due to their high maintenance requirements. These birds, native to America, have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years and, in some cases, even up to 80 years. They range in length from 10 to 17 inches and weigh 10 to 27 ounces. Green is the most common colour for Amazon parrots.


7.    African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot Perched On Branch
Photo by Magda Ehlers: pexels.com

A medium-sized parrot, the African grey measures 13 inches in length and weighs about 14 ounces. They have dark grey eyes and are typically black or grey. They live between 40 and 60 years in captivity but only about 23 years in the wild.

They pick things up quickly and can mimic any sound they hear. Because of their intelligence and ability to imitate, they earned the nickname “the Einsteins of the Bird World.” The African grey parrots require only moderate upkeep and don’t require a lot of attention. They get to live a long life with their owners because they can live up to 50 years. They become incredibly devoted and bonded to their owners as a result.


8.    Cockatiels

Cockatiel Bird on Person's Hand
Photo by Tiểu Bảo Trương: pexels.com

These medium- to small-sized birds are members of the cockatoo family and are well-known for their humorous personalities. Cockatiels are regarded as being gentle, cheerful, and cuddly. They adore constantly resting on their owner’s shoulder. They are the only tiny parrots with a head crest and are more well-known for their singing and whistling.

These birds are considered some of the best pets due to their amiable personalities and simple training requirements. These birds, 12 and 13 inches in length, are thought to be the smallest in the cockatoo family. They have a mostly grey body hue with a yellow face and crest. They weigh about 3 ounces and have a long tail. They are easily domesticated and make wonderful pets.



These are some of the most adorable pet birds you can keep easily. Before bringing a pet bird home, it’s crucial to do your research and create the proper arrangements for its living situation.

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