What Must You Know Before Using Eyelash Extension Remover?

Eyelash Extension Remover

Cosmetics are a billion-dollar industry worldwide. People all over the globe enjoy modifying their looks in various ways. Some people choose tattoos or piercings as body modification, but makeup is temporary and often used regardless of one’s feelings about permanent modifications. As far back as Ancient Egypt, cosmetics have been used. Eyelash extensions are one of the most common alterations users make these days. Lab-created chemicals can be dangerous to use near one’s eye, and eye make-up removal creams and liquids can harm the eye if users are not careful. Users must follow these instructions carefully when using eyelash extension remover.

Eyelash extension remover
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Are These Eyelash Extension Removers Safe?

Generally speaking, yes, these eyelash extension glue removers are safe. However, it is best if you can leave the process to the professionals. If you are talking about temporary lashes that you wear on a daily basis with your makeup, the lashes can be easily removed. However, professionally done lashes should be removed by those same professionals.

Think about getting your nails done. Can you remove your nails at home? Yes, however, you will often have damaged nail beds, thinner nails, and may even injure yourself. Likewise, removing eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes, thin them out, and even injure your eyes.

How Can I Best Treat My Eyelashes to Help with Removal?

Just like hair extensions or artificial nails, you can treat your lashes well and speed the removal in the process. First, leave the lash removal itself to the experts. Removing them at home or at the wrong time can damage your lashes, but a professional can carefully remove them to ensure that there are no gaps from pulling out lashes before they are ready.

Chances are, you want lash extensions due to short or thin lashes, and gaps or damaged lashes will not help your lashes continue to look healthy. Your lash professional probably told you to avoid oil-based make up removers for your eyes while wearing your extensions. The reason you were told this is that the oil-based removers can often loosen or weaken the glue. Likewise, hot water can help loosen the glue from lashes. Keep in mind that you are using this water and oil-based cleanser near your eyes. Do not compromise your eye health for your lash extensions. Natural methods such as water are the safest ways to remove lashes from home.

If possible, use professional lash glue remover. This remover is typically only used by professionals, and great care needs to be taken to use the remover from home. Have someone help with removal rather than doing it yourself when using lash remover. Since this is a glue dissolving agent, you will run a great risk of having it get in your eyes or release glue into your eyes. This is why it is best to have someone help you. It’s, obviously, impossible to see what you are doing with your eyes closed. Opening your eyes can cause debris to enter. If a friend or family member is helping you, they can see what they are doing, and you can relax with your eyes closed to minimize debris.

You can use these tips in the same day to try to remove the lashes from home if absolutely necessary. However, hot water and oil-based cleanser can help prepare you for your salon appointment. Some people who choose to remove their lashes from home will begin with a hot shower and facial steam followed by using an oil-based cleanser. If the lashes do not easily come out, the next step is to use the lash glue remover.

What Should I Avoid?

When removing lashes, either at a salon or at home, you should never tug and pull at lash extensions. Removing the lashes with force can cause them to pull new lash growth from the lid. It can also be quite painful. Pulling out new growth or even adjacent lashes can cause gaps and uneven appearance in lashes.

In addition to these gaps in appearance, tearing out the hairs can open the follicles and risk for infection. While we lose lashes all the time, pulling the lashes out and using such harsh chemicals and friction can be a catalyst for infection. Your eye health can be compromised from these behaviors, so it is best to only remove lashes when they are ready to be removed or when you can visit the salon.

Do I Have to Use Eye Makeup Remover Oils?

Technically, you do not have to use eye makeup remover oils. Other types of oil may prove effective, but they can also cause irritation or infection, so be careful when using them. Olive Oil, mineral oil, and coconut oil can be effective removers and warmed for comfort. Be careful not to overheat the oils to remove the lashes. The heat can burn your skin if you aren’t careful. Warmed oil can act both to loosen and dissolve the glue somewhat.

Other frequently used oils should be avoided if possible. Caster oil is not recommended because it is not effective at dissolving or removing oil from lashes. Additionally, baby oil is much more dangerous to use on your lashes and should not be used. If you want to use some of the oils in baby oil, begin with mineral oil or coconut oil.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash remover should be used by professionals if at all possible. If you need to remove the lashes but cannot go to the salon, consider enlisting the help of a friend and taking great precautions. As we have repeatedly mentioned, your eye health should never be compromised for the sake of lashes.

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