5 Ways to Feel Cool When It is Too Hot to Sleep

Feel Cool When It is Too Hot to Sleep

When the temperatures soar in summer, how best do you maintain to stay cool while in bed? Every time you wake up feeling hot and sweaty at night will affect how refreshed you feel in the morning. So, how do you cool off when the temperatures rise, and you are trying to get back to sleep? When you sleep, your body rejuvenates and repairs both physically and mentally. Because of this, it is vital to make sleep a priority. Below are ways that will help you to feel cool when it’s too hot to sleep during summer.

1.   Select a breathable mattress

Breathable mattress
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Since the body is good at regulating its core temperature when you are sleeping, it is best to consider the beddings and mattress you use. Getting restful sleep will occur when your temperature dips. Importantly, if you sleep and you are just feeling hot at night, possibly your mattress is to blame. This is because it traps moisture and heat and therefore makes you uncomfortable. Thus, choose a novaform mattress that helps in alleviating heat retention by design. When you choose a quality mattress, choose one designed to ensure that it increases air circulation. This will help you feel cool and comfortable as you sleep on it. Also, remember to choose one that is supportive, for it will be a good mattress offer.

2.   Choose a good position for your fan

A fan is essential to help create a breeze that feels cool to the skin. However, it will not cool the air it is circulating. So how do you find a source of cool air for the fan to push in the bedroom? For instance, one way you can try is to place it on a window that is slightly open during the night, and this will give you the cool air that you desire. This is because the air from the outside is cooler than the one inside your room at night. So it helps to keep your room cool. Plus, remember to keep your room at an ideal temperature for proper slumber. That is between 16C and 20C to ensure you sleep comfortably.

3.   Invest in breathable sheets and a down duvet

Breathable sheets
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To get sheets that are cool and snuggly require balance. Choose sheets that have ideal yarn quality. This is to ensure it has a weave that will allow air to escape and circulate too. In this way, you have sheets that feel soft, airy, and crisp. So they envelop your body by keeping you cool at whatever temperature. Unlike what people believe, when you are buying sheets, choosing one with a high thread count does not mean that you have better quality as there are other things to consider. Besides, on very warm nights. You can wake up due to a chilly feel, and you had dispensed your duvet entirely as they can get hot and heavy. So get a down duvet that naturally regulates temperature and will not weigh you down.

4.   Cool off before bed

Cool off before bed
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As part of your bedtime routine, you can add taking a tepid shower before you head over for a snooze. This will help you fall asleep easily as it helps your body temperature cool off, and low temperatures are the best to sleep better. When you have a slight increase in your body temperature, you end up losing heat fast, and before your bedtime, you will be too uncomfortable to sleep. However, avoid running the water too cold as you do not want to stimulate yourself to be alert again.

5.   Choose a cooling pillow

Cooling pillow
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One of life’s simple pleasures is finding a cool spot on your pillow. However, such spots are far between how the temperatures rise. Fortunately, now you can invest in cooling pillows that have both sides refreshingly cool throughout the night. These pillows have a filling that has a cotton cover. This creates a breathable weave, and hence no matter which side you sleep on, it is always cool. Choose this cooling pillow to stay away from disruptive pillow flipping at night as you try to get some rest.

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