Give walls a Whole new look in minutes with no paint or mess

peel and stick wallpaper

We have all lived in spaces where the landlords discourage using paints on the wall or the idea of painting your walls is messy and time-consuming. If this is you, then there are several other ways of giving your walls a whole new look in minutes without paint or mess. In this brief, I’ve explained some of the best alternatives to decorate the walls even if your property manager or landlord doesn’t allow re-painting the walls. The options discussed here are easy to stick and peel off.

Use of Temporary wallpapers

The best of all methods of giving your walls a whole new look without mess and painting is to use removable wallpaper. It’s the best option for people living in rental spaces and in dire need of a temporary fix. The use of temporary wallpapers is also a good option for people that are seeking inexpensive and easy to implement fixes to their plain walls. It’s best on smooth surfaces. If you are applying this on an empty wall, it’s good to consider moving slowly. You should never remove the backing of the wallpaper all at once. Take a gradual approach which protects the bottom from sticking to itself as you apply.

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Wall decals

This is an alternative option of decorating any size of the wall in any room whether bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. The wall decals are readily available as fine art pieces with inspirational quotes and special characters. You can choose from simple patterns to sophisticated paintings and pieces of art. However, the size and price of wall decals can vary greatly. Though, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the color scheme, style and personality. For inspiration checkout Large Wall Art.

Peel-and-stick Confetti

This idea was popularized by Blogger Agnes Hammar. In her example, she found a beautiful way of hiding nasty stains and nicks in her rental apartment by easily using DIY peel and stick Confetti. The confetti has self-adhesive which makes it very easy to stick on the wall. You just have to choose the right colors or create a collage of different colors and shades depending on your preferences. These printable stickers offer the same benefit as peel-and-stick wallpapers.

Washi Tape Decor

Do you have a small space that you want to give a whole new look? If yes, then the Washi Tape décor is the best option for you. It spruces up boring white walls and gives them a beautiful and admirable look.

Chevron peel and stick wallpaper

Lastly, using the Chevron peel and stick wallpaper is a viable alternative for people that wants to blend the walls with a natural feel. They are designed with a fun zig-zag pattern that offers an instantaneous update to any wall regardless of the space in your home. They are also printed on high-quality vinyl backing that makes it easy to apply and remove. It’s a perfect alternative to painting especially if you live in rented spaces.

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