Supermoms Assemble! How to Maintain Frigidaire Appliances


Be honest – is a mom’s work ever truly done? If we’re not juggling lunchboxes and getting the kids to soccer practice on time, we’re balancing mountainous loads of laundry and desperately trying to hit deadlines set by unforgiving super villains (also known as bosses) at the office – all the while trying to create the perfect environment for our little ones to grow and thrive within at home. 

It’s obvious that moms are superheroes but even superheroes have sidekicks that make life’s challenges a little easier – I’m talking of course, about our home appliances. Or more specifically, your Frigidaire appliances. 

The key to a harmonious lifestyle is keeping your household running and keeping those appliances in good working order. So, it’s hardly surprising that when one of our trusted sidekicks takes a beating and starts showing signs of wear and tear, we start to feel a little panicked. In this post, we’ll explore some of the simplest ways you can keep your Frigidaire appliances running smoothly- including the smart use of genuine Frigidaire parts –  and help keep those villains at bay – we’re looking at you, maintenance bills, replacement costs and inconvenience! 

Choosing the Right Parts

When it comes to amour, weapons or superhero accessories, the idea of Wonder Woman, She Ra or Black Widow scrimping on parts is unheard of. So, why should you? When the repair of your Frigidaire appliance is inevitable, it’s always best to use genuine Frigidaire parts to garner the best possible results. 

Of course, it’s only natural to be tempted by cheaper imitation parts, but when you use genuine parts the difference in performance and longevity is noticeable from the very start. As a busy mom, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether or not the parts you’ve sourced for your Frigidaire appliance will suddenly let you down, so it makes perfect sense to opt for genuine parts as soon as you need them. Thus saving you time, money and convenience! 

Cleaning: The Secret Weapon

A superhero’s work is never done, and sometimes, it’s the simplest actions that pack the biggest punch. Naturally, you’re busy keeping the hunger pangs of your children at bay, helping with homework, and getting your little ones where they need to be on time – but – it’s important to also find time in your busy schedule to keep your Frigidaire appliances clean. 

It goes without saying that cleaning is always on your agenda, but try adding the cleaning of your appliances to your list.

Why? Regularly wiping down your appliances can work wonders and help your appliances run better in the long term. That gunk on your refrigerator’s rubber seals? A quick swipe with a damp cloth keeps the cold in and the heat out, saving energy and sparing your fridge from working overtime.

The Careful Art of Not Overstuffing Your Frigidaire Appliance

With all those mouths to feed and those supervillainous hunger pangs to deflect, not forgetting your super dedication to weekly meal planning that keeps your budget on track, it’s common for households to have their fridges overfilled with food for the week ahead. 

Unfortunately overstuffing your Frigidaire appliance is a no-go. It’s akin to trying to dry mountains of clothes on one airer – the poor circulation of air leads to terrible results! The best way to keep your Frigidaire appliance running well and keeping your items cool is to keep things organised and stored correctly. 

Consider adding some storage containers to your shelves, and keeping stock of what you have so you don’t make duplicate purchases. This simple approach will increase the lifespan of your appliance and make meal times less stressful thanks to your simplified fridge storage system! 

Remember that Check-Ups Are Not Just for Kids

All superhero moms constantly keep tabs on their kids’ health, but did you know that a little preventive care for our appliances can also prevent bigger issues from developing further down the line? 

Even the biggest superheroes have a little support from others from time to time! The Avengers have each other, whilst Superman has Lois Lane and Batman can always rely on Alfred to keep him grounded. Reaching out to a Frigidaire expert to give your appliances a formal, annual checkup can help prevent future problems from developing and give them a clean bill of health.

Remember to Embrace the Features of Your Appliance

Be honest. How well do you know your Frigidaire appliance? Sadly, despite being superheroes, most of us quickly replace our appliances without taking the time to read the instructions that come with their replacements. 

Sure, you wouldn’t expect Batman to sit and read the manual for his Batmobile and Wonder Woman doesn’t need to figure out the best settings on her Lasso of Truth but when it comes to our kitchen appliances – knowledge is power. 

Frigidaire appliances are packed with features that make operating and using the appliances so much easier. Take some time to explore the manual and see which features could benefit you. This approach could make maintaining your appliance easier or even increase its longevity. Did you throw the manual away? Don’t panic – head online and search for it! 

Find Your Avengers: The Support Group

When it comes to being a mom, we all need a little support now and then. And as we mentioned above, even superheroes sometimes need a little guidance from others. 

Exploring mom groups and forums online could be key to finding the answers to maintaining your Frigidaire appliance. Or figuring out a particular issue you might be having. You may even find yourself sourcing genuine parts online from a great retailer based on recommendations. From finding the best deal on Frigidaire parts to troubleshooting that weird noise your dryer is making, there’s a wealth of knowledge and support out there. Plus, it’s always nice to have somewhere to express your concerns and be reminded you’re not alone!

Final Thoughts…

So, there you have it. You now know how to keep your Frigidaire appliances running smoothly. Remember, while your superhero prowess is never in doubt, it’s always worth reaching out for support and following the tips above to keep your household running smoothly and keeping those supervillains at bay! 


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