The 10 Best 8-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

8-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

Of all kinds of expression of love, I feel gift-giving comes closest to being an art. The fact that you love someone, think about them, know their likes and dislikes, and want to see them smile is really so precious. And when it comes to an 8-year wedding anniversary, your significant other truly deserves that extra mile of effort.

Despite that, being someone who’s recently have had her 8th wedding anniversary, I can vouch for the fact that with so many options out there, picking the perfect gift for your dear husband can be a daunting task indeed! 

But do not worry; I am here to take you through some of the best suggestions for 8-year wedding anniversary gift for your husband so that you do not have to start pulling your hair! So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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1. Bronze Photo Frames

Cliché but cute, you can certainly never go wrong with framed photographs or paintings. Growing up with your partner is a wonderful experience and you can frame your journey perhaps in the form of a collage or a painting or something significant to you both. 

Also, you may ask, why bronze in particular? Well, get used to the word, you will likely come across it many more times for bronze is one of the themes of 8 years of marriage! So, a bronze photo frame can easily be a great (not to mention pocket-friendly, hush!) gift.

2. Bronze Cufflinks

Keeping up with the theme of bronze, you can also get bronze cufflinks. In fact, you can get custom-made bronze cufflinks with initials of yourself and your husband engraved on it. This will further signify that you two will hold onto life no matter what is thrown in the way!

You also have the option of getting your anniversary date engraved on the flip side of the cufflinks. 

3. Personalized Couple Sculpture

Another gift theme for the 8th anniversary is ‘Pottery’. You will get plenty of options if you try digging in this area. You can perhaps plan attending a pottery class getaway with your husband where you can make generalized clay items like matching mugs, bowls, or more personalized couple statues.

You can also get couple hand casting kits to make your own hand sculptures. Such kits come with anything and everything you need including molds, molding powder and bucket, casting stone, gloves, and other accessories.

4. Tourmaline Ring

The gemstone that is associated with the 8th wedding anniversaries is the mighty Tourmaline which comes in many different shades starting from calm turquoise to black, making Tourmaline jewelries suitable for both genders.

You may ask why Tourmaline is linked with 8th anniversaries, right? Well, ancient folklores associate the Tourmaline with long-term relationships, commitment in general, and with the resolutions of conflicts resulting in deepened understanding. So, if you’ve got a higher budget, a Tourmaline ring would be a perfect 8-year anniversary gift for him. 

5. Customized Tumblers

A fun 8th wedding anniversary gift for him could be a personalized tumbler. Not only can you choose the color of the tumblers, but you can also choose what goes into the writing. Be it your husband’s name, or both of yours, or perhaps the date of your anniversary, or a fun quote, you can easily add the text of your liking. 

Besides, a tumbler is a pretty useful gift if you ask me. Carrying it and having it with him will be a constant reminder that you are with him, no matter what!

6. Matching Linen Robes

Well, you guessed it right, linen is one of the modern gift themes for 8-year wedding anniversaries. So, you can gift your husband and yourself unisex soft Linen robes in the color of your choice. Imagine Netflix and Chill in your matching comfy robes!

7. Bronze Wristwatch

If you are willing to be open to a considerable budget, a Bronze Wristwatch could make a great gift. Of course, there are plenty of options of bronze-colored watches available in varying price ranges and it’s a thoughtful gift really for it will from “time-to-time” remind your husband of all the beautiful “times” you have spent together!

8. Perfumes

The key to perfecting the art of gift-giving is attention to tiny details and if your husband is a bit of a perfume enthusiast like myself, all the more so. People often relate smells to memories, big or small, which is why gifting a perfume could be a great way of reliving the most important milestones in your journey of togetherness. 

A very special 8th Anniversary gift for him could be the perfume he wore when you two first met, or maybe at your wedding, provided he does not own it still. If not, you can also give him Bronze themed perfumes that come in different sizes and price ranges.

9. Customized Tee Shirts

Talking about usability of your gift, you can gift your husband a custom made Tee Shirt. You can choose your own design and/or text and voilà, a perfect gift, that too at an affordable price.

10. Bronze Bookmarks

For all the bookworm husbands out there, you can gift them a beautiful Zodian Sign Themed bronze bookmark. Pretty, pocket-friendly, and useful, what else is needed? There is one for every Sign!


If you ask me, I am still a card and cake kind of person if I’m on the receiving end. You can say I am very Old School that way. However, at the end of the day, it’s the thought behind it that really counts. So, do not beat yourself up trying to find the best 8th anniversary gifts for your husband. 

But then again, when it comes to picking the right gift, you have to consider a few things starting with your budget. Of course, a perfect gift does not have to cost you a fortune. At times, it’s the sentiment associated with the gift that really matters. 

Second, you need to see if the gift is in alignment with your partner’s interests and hobbies, that way it can carry a loving value to it. Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to settle for something that connects to both of your emotions toward one another. 

Besides the ten gifting ideas mentioned above, there are countless other options available in local stores or online-based e-commerce sites, such as around the world gift basket filled with thoughtful treasures.

With that, I wish you a wonderful 8th Wedding Anniversary!


1. What is the traditional gift for the 8th wedding anniversary? What should I do for my 8th wedding anniversary?

The traditional gift for the 8th Wedding Anniversary is Bronze or Pottery. 8 years of marriage is no joke and to celebrate being able to make it to the 8th year, there are tons of things you can do. 

Starting from a weekend getaway, to a romantic candle light dinner, to giving your better half a significant or symbolic gift, the list really continues.

2. What color is the 8th wedding anniversary?

The color that represents the 8th Wedding Anniversary is Bronze. Bonus – List of colors for anniversaries:

2Linen White
3Light Brown
4Lime Green
7Off White

3. Is the 8th wedding anniversary Salt or Bronze? 

There are differences in opinion in the UK and USA regarding the 8th Wedding Anniversary gift. While UK considers Salt to be the theme, in USA, it is Bronze.

4. How many years married is Bronze? 

8 years of marriage is generally associated with Bronze.

5. Why is bronze the 8th wedding anniversary? 

Bronze is an alloy (a mélange of two or more metals) consisting of Copper and Tin, which makes it an even stronger metal than either of those. 

This is exactly why Bronze is used to represent the unbreakable bond between spouses after 8 years of marriage. Just like the two metals in concern, it symbolizes how husband and wife have managed to hold on to each other through thick and thin!

6. What is the theme for the 8th wedding anniversary?

The traditional theme for the 8th Wedding Anniversary is Bronze and Pottery, while their contemporary alternatives are Linen or Lace.

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