Important Areas To Clean And Disinfect To Keep Strata Complex Virus-free

Clean And Disinfect

Sydney has the most number of residents in New South Wales. The state capital attracts people from all walks of life. Most of them want to try their luck in getting employed in one of the top companies in the CBD or Parramatta. Others choose to transfer their growing family in the city to enjoy one of the biggest parks in Australia like the Royal Botanic Garden or the Royal National Park. Meanwhile, the laid-back individuals would find a home near the beaches to enjoy surfing in the famous shores of Bondi and Malabar.

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Owning a single-detached home in Sydney can be very expensive. It is the reason why living in an apartment or a residential building could be the best solution. They choose strata living and share common places like gardens, driveways, or elevators to save money. But due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 all over the world, property owners need to make sure that all the common areas have been properly cleaned and sanitised to avoid rampant contamination. They are relying on strata cleaners in Sydney to clean these spots and get rid of the virus thoroughly.

Here are some of the areas that strata cleaners need to focus on to ensure that no one within the property will contract the virus:

Lobbies and Hallways

Some of the busiest areas in a strata complex are the lobbies and the hallways. These areas often have the most number of people passing through any time of the day. They are also prone to get dirty as people walk all over the place.

Aside from the usual sweeping and vacuuming, strata cleaners in Sydney can follow the recommendations from the World Health Organization to use bleach or chlorine with 0.1% concentration to disinfect the surfaces. They can also spray 70 to 90% alcohol on any surfaces that are often touched by people, including the doorknobs and the railings.


Clean and disinfect stairwells
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Aside from lobbies and hallways, stairwells are another common area that gets the most number of foot traffic in a strata complex. Since most people pass by these areas, they should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at all times. However, the strata cleaners in Sydney must remember to completely wipe any liquid disinfectant used in the area to avoid accidental falls.


The lifts can also become a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses if not cleaned properly since lifts are enclosed spaces that are often filled with people. There are times when some passengers may cough or sneeze before touching the lift button. It is the reason why strata cleaners must also include this area in their priority.

Parking Spaces

Like the hallways, the parking spaces are also one of the busiest areas in strata in terms of traffic. It may also collect dirt and viruses since cars from the outside are contaminated by these tiny particles. To protect the residents of the strata, cleaners must always ensure that they will clean and sweep through the parking lots to get rid of the grime.

The Sydney government and all health organizations all over the world strongly suggested regularly cleaning and disinfecting all surface areas to prevent the virus from sticking on it. For this reason, property managers must rely on highly skilled strata cleaners to ensure that the virus will never enter the property so no resident will be affected by COVID-19 or other viral diseases.

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