Top 14 Lifestyle Blogs for Women to Follow in 2022

Lifestyle Blogs for Women in 2022

If you are looking for the best list of women’s lifestyle blogs, then you are at the right blog post. In this post, I’ve enlisted a great list of lifestyle blogs you can follow to live a better life. Before you go through this list, I want to let you know some important information about a lifestyle blog.

The content of a lifestyle blogs is typically based on the blogger’s personal experiences. The majority of blogs feature both the author’s personal thoughts and information that the audience can use. Contrary to popular belief, a lifestyle blog is not the same thing as a personal journal. The content of a personal blog, which is sometimes little more than an online diary, may not be as informative or inspirational as that of a lifestyle blog. It’s no different with lifestyle websites; they’re adaptable and change frequently. Content on the blog will evolve as its creator does. She keeps a personal blog in which she writes about her experiences of a great trip.

The Best List of 14 Lifestyle Blogs for Women to Follow

Refinery 29:

The content of the popular lifestyle blog Refinery 29 is aimed squarely at women of all ages, from fashion to the cutting edge of the arts and entertainment. Readers can learn more than just the latest trends and must-have products; they can also gain valuable
insight into improving their personal finances and careers.


The Pioneer Woman:

For recipes, The Pioneer Woman is your go-to resource. If you’re considering living like a pioneer woman, the information here will get you off to a great start. There are also tips on how to dress and how to spruce up your home.


A Beautiful Mess:

A Beautiful Mess is a pioneering lifestyle blog that has stood the test of time. When I need ideas for my own writing, I visit this webpage that Elsie and Emma created. They feature a wide variety of do-it-yourself home improvement tasks, recipes, creative ideas, and more. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for a more colorful and creative style. A Beautiful Mess has guides for everything from jewelry to cocktail making.


The Every Girl:

The Everygirl salutes all the lovely ladies and reigning monarchs of the globe. Thanks to the dedication of the writers and editors, the material is consistently engaging, timely, and user-friendly. Whether it’s personal finance, health, travel, or relationships, the site has you covered. The data they present is both practical and easily accessible.


Wit And Delight:

Everything on Wit and Delight is drawn straight from the author’s own life. Although you may obtain comparable advice on other sites, they provide it in a friendlier and more sincere manner. Some of my favorite sections are the ones devoted to health and wellbeing. Their website has well-organized categories and information that is easy to access.


A Cup of Jo:

One of the earliest mom blogs to candidly address postpartum depression was A Cup of Jo. She, like many other bloggers, discusses beauty and style in her lifestyle blog. At length, she addresses taboo topics, including the struggles of women and the dynamics of human relationships.


The Skinny Confidential:

When it comes to informing and entertaining its audience, The Skinny Confidential, a top woman’s lifestyle website goes well above the standard in covering conventional topics like beauty and health. In addition to writing, the author also conducts a podcast in which she and sky chili guests talk about many elements of healthy living.


Cupcakes and Cashmere:

Once just a personal blog about Emily Schuman’s & quot; favorite things & quot; in 2008, the popular lifestyle blog and online shop now cater to women’s interests in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Emily and her coworkers create a variety of humorous works that liven up everyday life.


The Blonde Abroad:

The Blonde Abroad blog will convince you to pack your bags and go in search of adventure. Kiki has visited numerous far-flung places around the globe. There are photography guides, home decor tips, and fashion suggestions on the blog as well. You can also read first-hand testimonials from luxury vacationers and get advice from others who have been there. A vacation to the next destination will go off without a hitch after reading the top lifestyle blog.


Travel Noire:

Zim Ugochukwu, a man of great intelligence, created Travel Noire, a website filled with insightful articles about travel and culture written just for millennials. These blog posts share the experiences of entrepreneurs and tourists alike. You can get ideas for your next journey right here.


Rachel Parcell:

As time went on, Rachel Parcell, a lifestyle blog, grew into a thriving company. Rachel’s blog is a wealth of information for anybody interested in style, decor, or beauty. She has also created a brand of women’s clothing.


The Anna Edit:

Websites like Anna Edit show how information can be presented in a clean and attractive fashion. Anna routinely uploads videos to her YouTube channel, where she is regarded as a style blogger and home decor expert. This is the place to be if you want to simultaneously improve your professional and social life.


Advice From A Twenty-Something:

There are a lot of twenty-something ladies who might learn a lot from the book & quot; Advice from a Twenty Something & quot; The site caters to persons in their twenties and covers a wide range of issues like dating, friendships, careers, personal development, and even fashion. Much of what I’ve read here is quite relevant to my life and experiences. Also, it means a lot to me that she responds to the issues brought up by her readers there.


Julia Berolzheimer:

Julia Berolzheimer is a fashion and lifestyle blog created by Julia, who exhibits her own unique and creative perspective on southern chic fashion. Julia Berolzheimer was founded in 2010. In addition to that, she contributes articles on topics such as fashion, travel, and interior design.




I hope this list of women’s lifestyle blogs will help you to find the best blog that you want to follow. If you’ve liked any one of them, then please let’s know by a comment.

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