All You Need To Know About Permissive Parenting Pros And Cons

As the name suggests, permissive parenting is the parenting style, where parents allow their children to do whatever they want. From a recent study, it has been identified that a considerable percentage of the parents who live out there in the world follow this parenting style. If you are one of them, it is important to have a clear understanding about the permissive parenting pros and cons. Then you can make sure that you don’t run into any frustration in the future with the parenting style that you follow.

permissive parenting pros and cons

Pros of permissive parenting style

As the first part of this article on permissive parenting style pros and cons, let’s take a look at the positives that are associated with it. These positives would tempt you to stick to this parenting style. That’s because you as well as your child will be able to experience a large number of benefits out of it in the long run.

1. You can boost creativity among your child

One of the biggest benefits that can be found in the permissive parenting style is the freedom that is given to the child. With this freedom, your child will be able to think and do many things on his own. As a result, the creativity levels of the child will be boosted. When the kids come up with a decision-making task, they will think and figure out the best solution that they can apply to overcome the problem. As a result, kids will be able to practice creative thinking. This can provide a tremendous assistance to them in the future when solving problems.

2. There is minimal conflict among parents and kids

Parents don’t want to get into any conflicts with their little ones. If you have the same mindset, you can think about following the permissive parenting style. Then you will can even guarantee that no conflicts would arise in between you and your child. That’s because you provide freedom to your child to do whatever he wants. On the other hand, you also cater to all the needs of your child. Hence, you will be able to build up a peaceful relationship along with your child and overcome the conflicts that would take place.

3. You give priority to the relationship

When following the permissive parenting style, you tend to give priority to the relationship. Most of the permissive parents who live out there in the world do the same. They want to keep their children happy as much as possible at all times. Even if the parents are not spending time with the kids under one house, they try to keep them happy at all times. They never want to see their children deprived or suffering. This can contribute a lot to the betterment of children. In fact, the kids will be able to live happier lives when they have parents who follow the permissive parenting style.

4. You provide emotional support to your kids

Children in today’s world require a lot of emotional support and assistance from their parents. The struggles that they have to deal with in day to day lives are bigger than what they expect. As a result, they can easily run into emotional difficulties. Due to this reason, the parents need to provide the emotional support and assistance that the children would need. While you follow a permissive parenting style, you will be able to cater those emotional needs of your child. Hence, you will be able to work accordingly to maximize the happiness of your child as well. The parents would do this in order to make sure that their kids are happy.

5. It can provide excellent social skills to the kids

It is quite difficult to survive without any social skills in today’s world. As a parent who follows the permissive parenting style, you will be able to cater to the development of all the social skills of your child. This will provide an excellent assistance for the child to learn how to behave in society. On the other hand, it can provide your child with a high level of self-esteem as well. As a result, kids tend to be more resourceful. The kids who are raised under strict parents don’t have the ability to achieve that state. As a result, they will have to go through a series of struggles to get used to the society.

6. Your child lives a happier life

You will never be able to see disappointment within your child when you are following the permissive parenting style. That’s because you attend to all the specific needs and requirements of your child and provide assistance to him with that. This can provide a happier life to your child in the long run and you will not have to worry about anything at all.

Cons of parenting style

In the second part of this article on  pros and cons of permissive parenting, let’s take a look at the drawbacks associated with it. When you go through these cons, you will tend to think twice before you follow the parenting style. You will wonder whether it is the best parenting style available for you to follow as well.

1. There will be lack of self-discipline

As a parent, it is important for you to teach self-discipline to your child. This can let your kid be aware on how to behave properly in different situations. When you come across the need to teach self-discipline to the child, permissive parenting style will not provide the best assistance. That’s because you never try to teach discipline to your child as it would hut the nature of the relationship that you have. You are not tolerating the disciplinary issues of your child as well. Hence, your child will continue to break the discipline. This can create a negative impact on him, especially when he is dealing with the society.

2. You give your child to make choices

Your child doesn’t have many experiences in life. As a result, he will assume many things incorrectly. It can lead him to a large number of issues in the future. That’s where you need to play your role as a parent. You should clearly explain to your child what’s good and what’s not with the experiences that you have in your life. But when you are following a permissive parenting style, you allow your child to make his own choices. These choices can ultimately harm your child. They will be unwise decisions as well.

3. Your child will not be motivated

You need to provide motivation to your child. Then your child will be encouraged to reach higher levels. If your child is growing without any boundaries or limits, he will not feel motivated. They will just be looking out for random opportunities available. But when you set up clear expectations and boundaries, you can encourage your child to achieve them in a timely manner. Then the child will be able to set up realistic goals as well. This can be an excellent reference point for the overall motivation levels that your children can get.

4. There will be a clash in between the needs and wants

The needs and wants of the kids are simple. In fact, needs and wants are identical. All babies require sleep, food, affection, safety, and cleaning. But when they get older, their needs and wants, tend to be different from each other. In such a situation, there should be an experienced parent to guide them. Otherwise, your child will dictate your behavior and he will end up with a variety of negative consequences. You don’t want your child to run into an unhealthy clash between the needs and wants. Therefore, you should provide assistance to the child. The permissive parenting style keeps you away from doing it.

5. There will be a struggle for power

With a permissive parenting style, a big question would arise, to determine who is in charge. In other words, making the decision of who is in charge will give life to a series of struggles. When the child is getting older, he would not care about what the parents say. They want to live a life of their own. This can give life to a large number of arguments. When the demands of the child go up, the number of arguments that take place will increase as well. This will give life to a large number of power struggles within the family. When analyzing permissive parenting pros and cons, it is important to pay special attention to this fact.


Now you are aware about the pros and cons of permissive parenting style. You can take your time and analyze these pros and cons. Then it will be possible for you to follow te best parenting style out of them and ensure the overall development of your child and secure his future. Your child would also appreciate the efforts that you take as a parent to secure his future as well.

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