What is a Darry Ring? Everything You Need to Know It

Darry Ring

There is yet another trend that is currently sweeping TikTok, and this one will appeal to the more romantically-inclined among us: the Darry Ring. Never heard of a Darry Ring? Well, read on to learn all about this once-in-a-lifetime trend.

Its Origins

Darry Ring is credited as being born from the love of one couple from Shenzen, China- Guotao Zhang and his wife, Yiwen Lu.

Zhang and Lu founded the Shenzen Darry Jewelry Company in Shenzen, China in 2010, which later became the DR Corporation Limited in 2019. With their company, the couple produces their own line of jewelry, and have become renowned for their line of engagement and promise rings known as Darry Rings. “Darry” is the moniker that was created by combining the words “diamond” and “marry”.

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What is a Darry Ring?

What’s so special about the Darry Ring, and why has its popularity exploded?

The whole premise behind the Darry Ring is that it’s an engagement ring that someone can buy only once in a lifetime, literally. A person is not authorized to buy more than one Darry Ring. The brand rule is “One DR Diamond Ring Per Lifetime”.

The Purchase

A Darry Ring can be purchased online or at one of the over 400 physical store locations. In order to buy a Darry Ring, you have to upload a picture of your photo identification, as well as another picture of yourself that is front-facing. This is the ID Verification step, also known as the “True Love Verification” step. In this step, your facial features and information are compared to the information in their database to see if there is a match or not.

If there is evidence that you have already purchased a Darry Ring, then your transaction will not go through. If there is no match in the system, then you can successfully purchase the Darry Ring.

It doesn’t stop there! Before you can take home your Darry Ring, you and your partner are both required to sign the True Love Agreement, which is a certificate that states that you and your partner are fully committed to true love and each other.

Gimmick or Not?

Are Darry Rings just one of the latest gimmicks to be found on social media?

Well, the fact is, Darry Rings have been around for nearly fifteen years as of 2024, proving that they’re not just a fleeting fad.

The sentiment behind the creation of the Darry Ring is allegedly sincere as well: The company claims that the rings were Zhang and Lu’s response to the growing tension in romantic relationships at the time. Stories of marital strife dominated the media, which they say led to a feeling of insecurity between romantic partners.

The appeal of receiving a one-purchase-in-a-lifetime Darry Ring as your engagement ring is the assurance that your partner is fully committed to you.

At the very least, it shows that your partner has put in a lot of effort to show their devotion to you.

A Quality Product?

It’s reasonable to wonder whether Darry Rings are good quality rings.

According to the Darry Ring website, authentic Darry Rings purchased through the official website or one of its franchise stores are created with natural diamonds of the highest quality. Diamonds are chosen using the standard 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat) to determine the quality of the diamond.

Upon purchase of a Darry Ring, patrons receive a ring certification report from a reputable diamond appraisal agency.

The price of Darry Rings are not meant to break the bank: Prices range from just under $400 to a little over $15,000, with the cost of the majority of rings falling within the $1000-$2000 price range.

For other well-known online jewelry retailers, a price range of ~$1,500 to well over $100,000 for engagement rings is typical.

Final Thoughts

Few rituals are as significant as that of the marriage engagement. An engagement means you are declaring your love and commitment to your partner for the rest of your life.

The Darry Ring takes the premise of engagement one step further. So you are committed to your one and only? Prove it.

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