3 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel

Some Aussies have been eyeing to move to Melbourne because, according to a survey, it is one of Australia’s cities that has several family-friendly neighbourhoods. One of its popular communities is Diamond Creek, where it has the lowest crime rate. Meanwhile, the Doncaster East has the most number of playgrounds in the area, which is why it’s the most preferred place for families with more kids. Those whose kids love sports, they’d want to move into Footscray since it has quite a number of sports fields.

Aside from locals, tourists have been eyeing Melbourne as one of the most sought-after places to visit. Apart from its notable attractions like Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Eureka Tower, they’re also known to be a pet-friendly destination. They have a couple of establishments and spots where people can bring their pets, especially for tourists. When you’re about to part with your beloved pet for a few days, and you’re in search of the best pet hotel, consider the following tips below to make the search process faster.

1. Inquire About the Services They Offer

Many tourists have been opting for pet hotels since pets are, after all, part of their family. So there’s no reason to leave them alone in misery. The pet hotel industry has burgeoned over time and if you have finally found a prospective pet hotel, consider asking about the services included in their package.

It is best to know if they have a taxi service, pampering service, and all other daycare activities for canines or felines. Your lovable creature may not be able to come along with you the whole time, so at least they can still have fun even when you’re out and about. Also, make sure they have enough pet activities for your pooch.

2. Check Out the Prices and What’s Included

The price is undeniably a major factor in your final step when choosing the most suitable pet hotel. You need to get a detailed quotation of the services included in every package. This is not being a demanding customer, but you only want to know if it’s worth every penny. Don’t waste your resources on pet hotels that would only offer to house your cat or dog; you might as well leave them behind if this is the case. Try to choose a package with different services and activities and assess if the price is reasonable enough.

3. Clean Facility

The last thing you don’t want to see is a dirty and shabby pet hotel. You didn’t travel just to see a terrible accommodation for your favourite pet. Before booking a room, check out the facility online and speak to an assistant so you can schedule a virtual tour of their rooms.

Nowadays, several hotels offer virtual tours so their guests can verify the condition of the place in real-time. And this is also true for pet hotels. If they don’t have such an option, you can still personally go to the hotel and see for yourself. Besides, there’s always a choice to back out and find a cleaner and more sanitised accommodation for your feline or dog. Don’t make the final payment until you’ve seen the facilities and amenities.

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