3 Ways to Help Struggling Children Around the World

Help Struggling Children

Even with all of our modern technological advancements and achievements, there’s no denying that the world still has plenty of people in need and living poverty. Of those people, there’s no doubt that children are one of the most vulnerable groups. Millions of children around the world struggle to survive each day, with many being taken advantage of or living without food, shelter or family to care for them.

As parents, it can be difficult to think about how many young people out there are living a childhood without the love they deserve and whilst we can’t change the world individually, working together everyone can make a little difference. In this post we are going to look at three ways we, as mothers, can help vulnerable and struggling children across the globe.

Monetary Charitable Donations

It goes without saying that charitable donations are one of the main ways that people can help those in need. There are thousands of charities operating at every level, from local city or village groups to international organisations who work in the countries who require help most. This variation makes giving to charity work for almost every time of donator. If you would prefer to help children in your local area, there is likely to be a charity dedicated to that pursuit. Alternatively, if you want to help children in the most vulnerable or at-risk countries, then there will be other charities who focus on those locations – whatever your goal, you can make a difference.

There are even children’s charities linked to specific beliefs. For example, many Christian charities who fundraise and complete their work through local churches, whilst Islamic charities might focus on helping children during Ramadan through Feed the Fasting campaigns, allowing families to fast safely during the month. Whatever your beliefs or goals, there is likely a charitable donation which will work for you.

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Physical Charitable Donations

Whilst there’s no doubt that a monetary can make a big impact on helping struggling young people around the globe, many of us don’t have the funds or means to provide this type of support. As mothers, our main priority is providing for our own children and family, which can often leave not much disposable income in the bank.

There are still ways you can help despite this, though. Lots of charitable organisations have physical shops where they collect donated goods and sell them on for a low price, generated income and fundraising for their work. Many charities which work to help children have these shops dotted across the world and they are always looking for new and used goods to sell on. If you can’t necessarily handle a monetary donation, consider giving your old clothes and electronics to a local store near you to help them raise money that way.

Alternatively, if you want to focus on helping children in the local area, look out for food banks. Food banks are usually run by charities to help feed struggling families in the region and can be a lifeline for other mothers who are finding it difficult to put food on the table and make ends meet. Donating the odd tinned or dried food product to these banks can really make a difference and put food onto a child’s table.

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Organise a Fundraising Event

By far the most intensive of these ideas is to take matters into your own hands and organise a fundraising event of your own. Whether it’s a family fun day at the local school or just a small bake sale, raising money for a children’s charity can be much easier at an organised event rather than simply by asking for a sponsorship. Charities understand this and are often available to help budding fundraisers organise successful events with fundraising packs, tips, guidance and suggestions on how to go about it.

So, if you have time available, think about creating something for your local community to enjoy and you can simultaneously raise money for a cause close to your heart.

These aren’t the only methods of helping children struggling around the globe – there are also ideas like adoption and child sponsorship – however, these are the simplest ones that won’t necessarily take a huge amount of monetary investment. Hopefully, this has inspired you to help make a difference during these trying times. Good luck!

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