How can you use the potty training pants for your kids?

Potty training pants

Potty training is certainly a daunting task for many parents and you certainly need the potty training pants when it is the time for transition from diapers to underwear. A potty training pant can make your job a lot easier and it comes up with an absorbent fabric with the help of which it becomes easy to eliminate the waste of your kids. Potty training pants come up in different sizes, types, and quality. Two major types of potty training pants are cloth potty training pants and disposable potty training pants.

Cloth potty training is a kind of plastic pants and it has multiple layers of fabric especially in the crotch area of the pant. When your kid wears it, he or she will feel like wearing big-sized underwear. The fabric that is present in the pant easily absorbs the pee and hence you do not require changing the pant every time your kid urinates. Apart from that, the pants also have a natural fiber like cotton due to which the toddler does not feel wet when they urinate. Although cotton pants are quite cost-effective as compared to that of the disposable counterparts but the cotton pants do not have such features. Moreover, cloth potty training pants are also gentler to the environment.

Disposable potty training pants are somewhat like a diaper and when the toddler wears such pants they also feel like wearing a diaper. Hence, even if your kid urinates he or she does not feel a wet sensation since the pants have the properties that can draw moisture away from the skin. Since this type of pants does not allow the kids to feel discomfort parents prefer to buy this type of pants. Kids aged between 2 and 3 years mostly wear this type of pants as it makes the kid stay completely dry at night.

Some best potty training pants

At the age between 2 and 3 children use to lose diapers and get ready for potty training pants. In the market, you can get some of the best types of potty training pants and they are:

  • MooMoo Baby potty training pants: This type of potty training pants is made up of cotton and comes up with six-layer of padding. This type of pants is completely washable and provides comfort to your kid throughout the whole potty training period. The best thing about such pant is that it comes up with absorbent material and also has a leak-proof lining which can save your clean-up time. You can get such pants at an affordable rate.
  • Gerber Potty Training pants: This is another best kind of potty training pants that are made with a durable blend of cotton and polyester. Due to these, your kid feels like wearing comfy underwear. But at the time of buying such pants make sure that your kids can pull the pants up and down easily. The best thing of such pants is that it is available in various colors and styles.
  • Pull-ups learning design training pants: This type of potty training pants comes up with an absorbent and leak-proof fabric. The best thing about this type of potty training is that it comes up with an easy-open side and it is not made up of any kind of stretchy material and it provides ultimate comfort to your kid.
  • Seventh Generation Free and Clear Training Pants: This is another best type of potty training pant which is ideal for those kids who have sensitive skin. This type of pant does not contain chlorine bleaching, lotion, and fragrance, and hence your kid does not feel any kind of irritation. The best thing about such type of pants is that you can easily tear away the side of the pant for easy changing.
  • Baby friend Reusable Training pants: This type of potty training pants comes up with an adorable design. This type of pant is suitable for the last stage of potty training. It comes up with four layers and hence when your kid wears such pants he or she does not feel wet even when they have an accident as it can prevent the leakage.


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