When to Start Potty Training Your Child?

When to Start Potty Training Your Child

Truthfully, there is no correct time when to potty train your toddler. You may have friends, neighbours, or family members who offer well-meaning advice about the proper age for potty training. But don’t jump-start the potty-training process too early due to peer pressure. For first-time parents, the best bet is to look for signs of readiness for potty training in your child and be patient through the whole process.

Signs of Readiness for Potty Training in Your Toddler

1. Pulling at a Wet or Dirty Diaper

Your little one may start to pull or fiddle with their dirty diaper to show discomfort. If your toddler is already talking, they may begin to say things like ‘my diaper dirty’ or ‘diaper change’ to communicate the need for a fresh diaper.

2. Hiding to Pee or Poop

Toddlers ready for potty training start retreating into a different room or a hiding place when they need to pee or poop.

3. Getting Interested in Others’ Use of the Toilet

Suppose you notice your toddler observing the toilet, asking about it, or showing interest in using the toilet by copying your behaviour. In that case, it means that they are ready for potty training.

4. Having a Dry Diaper for Long Periods

A dry diaper for extended periods indicates the increasing strength of your baby’s bladder and their readiness for potty training.

5. Awakening Dry from Naps

Usually, when babies wake up from their naps, the first thing you notice is a bulging diaper. However, when a toddler is ready for potty training, this starts to change, and your baby often awakens dry from their nap.

6. Telling You When They are About to Go in the Diaper or Asking for Diaper Change

As your toddler begins to understand the meaning of peeing or pooping, they will start telling you about it. They announce their intention to pee before going in the diaper or after going.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Potty Training?

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If some of the above signs of readiness are familiar to you, it’s time to prepare your toddler for potty training. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your child for potty training

  • Choose a Potty Seat – Get a potty chair and explain to your child how it works. Allowing your child to choose their potty seat may help get them interested and excited about using the potty seat.
  • Make a Schedule – Make a schedule and ritualize the use of the potty seat. Let your toddler sit on the potty seat once every two hours or first thing in the morning when they wake up.
  • Potty Training Pants – Look for suitable potty-training pants that are easy for a toddler to take off and wear while learning to potty.
  • Showering Praise – Shower your toddler with praise every time they use the toilet to show your appreciation. Let them know that it is a good thing to do.
  • Pretend Play – Introduce the potty habit using pretend play wherein the child and you can talk about going potty. It will help them learn about it and talk about it.

Potty training is a learning experience for both the baby and for you. It is imperative to be patient with your toddler as they go through this change. Follow the above tips to find the best way to potty train your toddler, and follow this blog to get some more awesome parenting tips! Look for fun games to play while the child sits on the potty to help pass the time, or get a few books about potty training that help your baby understand the concept better.


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