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Every couple struggles to find the perfect wedding bouquet for their special day. Even after managing to find the perfect bouquet, there are still challenges in preserving flowers for wedding. If you’re a couple soon to get married and facing such a challenge, you’re on the right page. I specifically understand the cost you’re about to incur and the risks you’re about to put your day into especially if you’re considering fresh wedding flowers.

You also may not want to say goodbye to your wedding bouquet at least not during the first few months. For that reason, I will directly lead you to the factors that affect the methods of preserving wedding flowers.

What are the most popular flowers for weddings?

The type of wedding flowers and florists you choose for this special day will have a direct influence on the method of preservation that you’re likely to choose. Some of the most popular types are listed below.


Roses are the most romantic type of flowers and your day wouldn’t miss that romantic atmosphere. Roses also symbolize purity, beauty and love. They can be mixed and matched with other types of flowers on weddings.


Tulips are a go for type of flowers in weddings because they’re a symbol of happiness, consuming love and gracefulness. These flowers are usually used as a bridal hand bouquet. Regardless of how these flowers are used, they can help to make the wedding more elegant.

Calla Lily

This type of flower is considered as a perfect flower match for such a special occasion for their beauty looks and smell. They are usually used in African weddings to symbolize beauty and love.


These are flowers that most wedding organizers usually take to combine with roses and some few other types. The flower has a similar beauty and significance. They’re used in weddings to symbolize charm and magical beauty.


These flowers are star shaped and come with their dainty white making them perfect for all types of weddings. They also have a mildly scent which is a symbol of natural happiness. However, these flowers are specifically used in classic solemnization and formal weddings.

What is the best way to preserve a wedding bouquet?

Regardless of the types of wedding flower you go for, the below methods can help you preserve your wedding flowers for a long time. The methods shared are also cost effective and highly dependable.

Pressing the flowers

This is a traditional way of preserving the wedding bouquets. You’re just required to spread the flowers in a parchment paper and eventually lay them inside a heavy book. It can be your old dictionary or an encyclopedia from school.

Secondly, add another layer of parchment paper on top of that. This is especially for reducing the chances of ink transferring. Close your book and if possible weigh it with other heavy items.

Hang the flowers upside down

This is another simple and highly effective way of preserving your flowers for wedding. Take the stems of your roses and tie them tightly using a strong loop. After that, hang them upside down in a dry and temperate area. This can be in your hallway closet. This lets all the blooms air dry. Always check on your flowers.

Silica Gel to preserve flowers

Silica gel is porous sand which can absorb water from the flowers and keep them fresh for a long time. Buy silica gel from any craft store in your area and form a base of silica gel in an airtight container. Now pour the silica gel around the petals but ensure the shape of the flowers is not compromised. Fill until the container is full to the top and seal it with a lid.

How do you preserve wedding flowers forever?

Dip the flowers in wax

We all know the wedding flower cost and no one would want to lose them in a day or two. Consequently, you can wax the flowers to extend the life of the flowers. It’s not possible to preserve the flowers forever but this is a viable option of extending their life significantly. Get paraffin wax and a saucepan. Melt the wax and pour it evenly and smoothly on the flowers.

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