An Overview On Lash Lift And Tint For Sexy Look

Lash Lift And Tint

Human beings have always wanted to enhance their features and beauty. They are never happy with their god gifted features. With the advancement in science and technology, new inventions are increasing this craze. Prosthetics, plastic surgery, facelifts, laser therapies, lash lift and tint are all a result of our ever-growing craze for beauty enhancement. We always crave for what we see in others, be it their facial features, height, weight or even lashes.

Lash Lift And Tint

Lash lift and tint is also a gift of science to those who are not happy with their natural lashes. Now, what are this lash lift and tint? It is a process by which our natural eyelashes are given a lift and curl with the help of some chemicals. The uplifted and curled lashes are then given a tint or colour to make them look more attractive.  With lash lift and tint, you can make your eyes larger and you can use longer lashes to give a filler effect on your eyes.

The procedure of lash lift and tint:

  • First, you must take the appointment of an experienced technician who will conduct the procedure of lash lift and tint.
  • The next step would be the separation of the lower and upper lashes and applying a silicone pad to the upper lid.
  • Then you need to glue the upper lashes to the silicone pad to give the desired curve to your lashes.
  • In the next step, the technician would apply three chemicals to your eyelashes for ten minutes each. In this case, technicians can use keratin on your lashes and they can apply glue with a silicon roller on your eyelids.
  • Sometimes a tint or colour is applied to your lashes to avoid the application of mascaras regularly. After this procedure, you do not need to apply any additional eye makeup.
  • The glue and silicone pad are removed after thirty minutes once the procedure is complete. You have received your favorite lashes.

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Side effects of lash lift and tint:

  • The procedure of lash lift and tint can sometimes lead to skin irritations. The chemicals used can lead to allergic reactions in some people.
  • Many clients also complain of rashes and inflammation.
  • The procedure of lash lift and tint deals with the eyes, which are the most delicate parts of the body. Many clients complain of redness, dryness and watery eyes.
  • If the chemicals used for lifting or tinting the eyelashes accidentally enter your eyes, they can lead to burning, ulcers or in rare cases corneal abrasion.
  • Lash lift and tint can also lead to eyelashes becoming more brittle.

Lash lift and tint Vs Eyelash extensions

If you are planning for beautifying your eyelashes, you can choose from two options, eyelash extensions or lash lift and tint. Both procedures have their similarities and dissimilarities. We will discuss them in detail for your better understanding.

  • Eyelash extension involves adding false lashes to your natural lashes with the help of adhesives. On the other hand, lash lift and tint involve the curling and coloring of your natural lashes to give them a natural look.
  • The maintenance of extensions is more expensive and time-consuming as compared to lash lift and tint. Lash lift and tint requires maintenance every eight to twelve weeks whereas eyelash extensions require maintenance every two to four weeks which is quite hectic.

Though eyelash extensions are a bit more expensive, they make your eyes more attractive and are perfect for weddings and parties. Moreover, the procedure of lash lift and tint become a bit difficult with short and brittle eyelashes. The chemicals make brittle lashes more fragile.

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