Things to Consider While buying Screws in Tent Stakes

Screws in Tent Stakes

Tents are widely used for camping or outdoor gatherings. It is always on top of the list when you want to camp, hike, or spend the nights on a beach. Sleeping outdoors without a tent is quite unthinkable because of the possible dangers it might attract.

Regardless of where you want to camp, the first thing you need to do is to set up the tent itself.

Including the screw in tent stakes to your gear is highly recommended; these are essential for your tent to build its foundation without worrying about getting blown away by heavy winds. There are various kinds of tent stakes, but how do you choose the perfect one?

What should you consider when purchasing a tent stake?

Before purchasing screws in tent stakes, you might want to be aware of some considerations. Keeping an eye on the following things will help you find the right tent stake for you.

1. Determine the type of surface where you plan to use it

When shopping for tent stakes, the first question you should have in mind is, “Where will I use it?”

You might want to consider the ground if it is frozen, rocky, or very hard. Driving your tent stakes on hard surfaces is challenging. The perfect tent stakes for hard grounds are the nail-style pegs. Nail-style tent stakes are more flexible when you are using a hammer, and it has less chance of hitting a rock.

Moreover, if you have a soft surface or soil, you might want to have an orange screw. Orange screws are ideal to use on beaches and sandy grounds. It is usually made of recycled materials and is available in small and large sizes. It has a hook for the ropes, and its holder can also be screwed into the ground without hammering it.

Most screws in tent stakes resemble huge corkscrews. It is not suitable on rocky or hard grounds, but it can give a tight grip during windy situations.

2. Keep an eye on the tent stake’s material

Aside from sizes and shapes, you might also want to consider the tent stakes’ materials such as the following.

· Steel peg

It is the improved version of the metal alloy pegs. It is considered durable and heavy, and a good choice for car camping.

· Aluminium peg

Unlike a steel peg, it is light and the most common type of stakes.

· Titanium peg

This is the hardest and most durable tent stake. It cannot be bent and ideal to use on hard soil.

· Carbon fibre peg

It is considered to be the lightest stake in the market. It can be hard to find and very expensive. Moreover, it is also strong, but its carbon fibre might be brittle and not ideal for hard grounds.

· Plastic peg

This stake is very light and cannot be used on hard grounds.

The tent stake that will serve your needs:

It does not matter whether you purchase tent stakes in a store or online; you should be aware that you need to consider essential things like those mentioned above. This is to prevent you from wasting time and resources from purchasing the wrong kind, as well as getting overwhelmed by many choices laid in front of you. Just remember; location, weather, and stake material. It will help you to make the right decisions.

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