The best 10 Ways To Assist Your Child In Being More Organized At School

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You can help your children get organized by getting the right materials, getting ready for class, and leaving reminders.

Help them make a schedule and stick to it. In the beginning, it can be helpful to plan things they have to do like homework, dinner, and even showers. This way they can make sure they have done everything they were required to do.

Diaries are a great way to plan the schedule. You can also use apps on your phone if you prefer a digital schedule.

In this article, I will give you important tips for getting organized and practicing, your child will be ready for anything that can happen at school:

1)   Help them have the right equipment

Help your children organize their pencil cases. Believe it or not, the pencil case is an important part of an organized student’s life.

The more organized it is, the less time they will spend fumbling around for a pencil or pen and the more time they will have to write and listen to their teacher. Find one with multiple pockets so that they can store the materials in the right place.

For example, they could keep their pencils and pens in one pocket, their erasers and pencil sharpener in another, and their glue and scissors in the third.

Consider keeping two kits. Use one for pencils and pens and a second for things they use less often like glue, scissors, and craft supplies.

Make sure the pencil case contains at least three pencils, three pens, an eraser, and a marker.

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2)   Separate their work into different sections

It can be useful to have sections for each course to keep their books and notebooks organized.

Be sure to choose a different color for each material and put a label on it

For example, you could use red for math, blue for English, and green for science lessons.

3)   They should know where their stuff is

There is no right or wrong way to organize their school bag, the most important thing is to know where to put their things.

Even if the bell rings and they’re in a rush to get out of class, they should take a few extra seconds to put their things in the right place so that they can find them more easily later.

For example, if they keep their pencil case in the small pocket of their school bag, they must make sure to put it back in that pocket.

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4)   Purchase the additional materials they need

To be well organized, your children must be well prepared. If they don’t have enough paper, pens, or other materials, you need to buy the materials for them.

Put it in their kit or in their school bag as soon as you have it so that they don’t forget it at home.

If they’re not prepared for class, they’ll get distracted and they’ll distract their classmates, especially if they have to ask to lend them some.

5)   Throw away everything they don’t need every day

Be sure to throw away papers and all the things they don’t need that are piling up in their bag.

If your children keep useless papers and things in their bag then obviously the bag starts to get heavy. You should throw these materials away to clean up their bag.

Consider cleaning at the end of each week, month and semester.

6)   Be sure to prepare their school bag the night before

Once your child has finished their homework, ask them to put it immediately in their bag, along with other things they need for the next day.

By preparing their school bag the night before, they won’t have to worry about forgetting something the next morning and they’ll be sure they’ve taken everything they need.

7)   Organize their locker and desk

Clean out their locker and desk regularly so that they can find everything they need easily. If they have a locker, then consider adding a second shelf there to have two spaces where they can store their books, notebooks, and other supplies.

Consider getting a magnetic basket that they can fit inside their locker. It’s a great solution for smaller items like pencils or pens.

Keep a pencil case on their desk for spare supplies they don’t use every day. This will allow them to make their backpack lighter.

8)   Keep an organized study space at home

Find a separate place for their pencils, pens, books, homework, and extra materials to avoid clutter.

Ask your children to use this space for their study, to make it a place of concentration and homework. Eliminate anything that could distract them from their studies.

9)   Help them get ahead of their responsibilities

Ask your children to start their work and projects as soon as anything gets assigned to them as well as you also help them in carrying out their tasks.

Ask them to work a little every day on their projects and not wait for the last moment to start. If they work on it a little every day, they won’t have any unpleasant surprises when it comes to the length of their projects and they’ll be prepared to finish them on time.

Plus, by working on it a little every day, they’ll feel like they’re doing less. It will also give them more time to relax at the end of the day.

10) Put their things in a place they will remember

Suppose, the very next morning they have to submit their project or any other important thing they are asked to bring to the school. Stick a post on their study table or in their mirror, or their lunch box, or on the door to be sure to see it the next morning.

If there is something really important to take to school, you can put it on their shoes, because they can’t leave the house without putting them on

In Summary

  • Keep their pencil case organized by categorizing their supplies, such as putting pencils in one group and pens in other.
  • They can stay organized by cleaning out their locker and school bag and making a pile of what they’re going to throw away and a pile of what they’re going to keep.
  • Don’t expect them to be organized overnight! It takes time, patience, and assertiveness before it’s worth it.
  • Help them keep all their subject notebooks neat and clean so they can easily review them when they have to prepare for a test.
  • Get them prepared for school and make sure they have quick access to the most important things for that class e.g. math classes. A messy school bag is one of the most common problems and they will waste a lot of time trying to get out what they need.
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