Public vs private school – The Facts In 2022

Public vs private-school

Every parent has the ability to choose between a public school and a private school for their children. As of 2019, there were 10,584 schools in Australia with the majority of them, (7,092) being public schools.

However, in recent years it seems that more parents are turning to private schools, and the number of pupils being enrolled in public schools is dropping. Part of the decrease in public school enrolments has been attributed to a drop in the number of migrants. The first net loss was recorded in 2021 since 1946!

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Funding Issues

All schools receive funding from the government. Public schools get $14,776 for each student in the school. Private schools get $11,724 per student. In other words, the lower the number of students in a public school the fewer funds they receive. That translates as fewer teachers and facilities to offer the best possible education.

In contrast, private schools are also funded by parents, giving them enough money to reach high standards regarding facilities and education, regardless of the number of pupils.  Private schools will, therefore, have a bigger monetary fund to improve the school and the education.

This is likely to increase the gap between public and private schools, making private schools even more attractive.

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Why Go Private

Sending your child to a private school costs more than using the public system. But, it’s possible that, just like using an approved teacher assistant course, your child will benefit more from a private school which has more control over its curriculum. If you’re interested to become a teacher assistant, you can visit sites like

Naturally, you’ll need to be able to afford the annual costs. But, a private school offers a more specialized set of subjects, helping to ensure your child is educated in the way you want them to be. That includes the religious aspect of their education.

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Struggles Facing Public Schools

Public schools are designed to ensure all children have access to a high standard of education. However, with falling numbers, they are facing budget cuts which will affect their ability to provide the best education possible.

Alongside this, public schools tend to have their hands tied regarding what can, and can’t be taught. Private schools need to follow the national curriculum but have more freedom to add subjects.

Alongside this, public schools are likely to face dramatically increasing numbers as the recent baby boom triggers a greater number of children in a few years.

Unfortunately, on the back of declining numbers, this will make it harder for schools to offer all the latest facilities, making private schools an interesting option.

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The Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong when it comes to deciding which type of school your child should attend. But, you need to be aware that private schools will cost you more. They are also more likely to maintain the highest standards of education. That makes them worth considering.

Regardless of which type of school you choose, do your homework first and make sure they are reaching the standards you expect for your child’s education.



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