How to Manage Working Full-time and Homeschooling?

Working Full time and homeschoolingWorking Full-time and HomeschoolingWorking Full-time and Homeschooling

Is it possible to homeschool your child while working full-time?

Like you, many parents have asked this question for valid reasons. Juggling a full-time job while handling a mathematics course online with a kid seems virtually impossible. But it’s not. While it’s no walk in the park, you can still juggle homeschooling and your job and escape unscathed (at least, to some extent).

So, how can you pull this off? Well, it’s simple. We’ve collated some practical tips from full-time working parents who have successfully homeschooled their kids. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a glass of coffee (you’ll certainly need it for the long haul), and let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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Create a schedule for your working and teaching days

The first step to successfully winging this task is creating a schedule that works for you and your family. Start by listing out your free days and the days when you work. For instance, if you work from 9 till 5 from Monday to Friday, then the bulk of your teaching will have to be done over the weekend. However, it doesn’t mean that your kids won’t get to learn during the week.

On your busier days, the kids can spend time practicing what they’ve learned. For instance, after you’ve gone to work, your kids can have breakfast and start out on math activities. The approach will help you ensure they learn even when you’re not there to chip in. Once you get back from work, you can do a little bit of learning with the kids. For instance, you might spend 30 minutes each day on four subjects.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about keeping an eye on your kids’ learning progress while you’re away, you could use a synced OneNote Page or Google Docs to check in on them. Children can complete learning exercises in the document, and you’ll be able to see as they answer each question.

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Use homeschool curriculum and resources

You can’t start homeschooling without the correct curriculum. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you can easily access tons of curricula for math classes without paying a dime. However, you still need to be deliberate when making this decision. For instance, if you find a curriculum that requires you to read a script, you should ditch it for one geared towards independent learning. This way, you can save interactive math lessons for when you’re around, and kids can work independently even when you’re at work.

But it doesn’t just end at finding the right curriculum for a kid. You can also try out other learning resources available on the web. For instance, you could download fun math games to help your kids understand mathematical concepts easier. You can also check out online learning communities for your child. As long as the aim of independent learning is achieved, you’re doing a great job. Don’t sweat it!

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As we mentioned earlier, managing homeschooling and a full-time job is no walk in the park. There would be days when you get so overwhelmed that you’d be unable to lift a pin. On these days, a synced OneNote page just won’t cut it. That’s why you need to call for reinforcement.

You can hire a tutor or enroll your kid in an online class. But where can you find the right tutor? It’s pretty simple. Brighterly offers interactive one-on-one math lessons with seasoned tutors. There are also tons of online learning platforms you can turn to. If you aren’t sure how to make the right choice, word-of-mouth recommendations can come in handy. Ask other parents which platforms or private tutors they use. This way, you’ll be sure you’re making the right choice for your kids.

Remember: outsourcing homeschooling on bad days doesn’t make you any less of a hero. Instead, it helps you get the job done even when incapacitated.

Ask for advice if you’re struggling

No parent knows it all. Even the most seasoned homeschoolers have struggled along their journey. However, they got back up and dusted themselves off. If you’re struggling with any aspect of homeschooling such as finding a curriculum or creating a schedule, it might be best to ask for advice from other homeschooling parents. Ask them for tips, recommendations, advice – you name it.

What’s more, you can always ask for help. If you need help with homeschooling on certain days, feel free to ask your friends for help. For instance, they could help homeschool your kids for an hour or two on your busier days. Just be sure to reciprocate the gesture when they need your help too.

Find a tribe

Being a parent juggling a full-time job with homeschooling, you should know that you aren’t alone. There are other parents in the same boat, taking baby steps. To help you stay sane, seek out these parents and bond with them. Connecting with other homeschooling parents will help you feel supported and stay on track.

Check within your neighborhood for these parents. Even your work colleagues might be homeschooling parents too. Social media platforms are a great way to build these connections if you can’t find any within your immediate community. From Facebook groups to subreddits, you can always find solace within social media communities. Remember to stay safe while connecting because internet safety is a crucial factor to always keep at the back of your mind.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling while working full-time certainly has its challenges. While we won’t romanticize it or pretend it’s easy, the tips above will help you get through your toughest days. While applying these tips, bear in mind that you can always outsource some subjects or ask for help from your friends. For instance, they can help out with a math lesson or two.

Finally, build a community. Having a tribe that you can turn to for solace and support will add a ray of sunshine to your gloomy days. We hope these tips help. Good luck!

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